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Want to Change? Fight for It!

Gasping for air, I tried to resurface to catch a breath.   But try as I may, I could not break through. It didn’t take long to realize my head was deliberately being held down under water and for a brief moment I wondered, “Is this it?”   Thankfully our coach was on deck and told the… Continue reading Want to Change? Fight for It!

Body Positive, fitness, Self Love, weight loss

Be Kind – It Doesn’t Cost a Dime!

I believe when you are heavy, people look at you different, perhaps even judge you.  They may not even know the first thing about you, but they assume you must want to be “fat.”  There’s a high-end clothing store in our city that whenever I went into it the saleswomen would just ignore me –… Continue reading Be Kind – It Doesn’t Cost a Dime!