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Reclaiming My Life in More Ways Than One – Hashimotos

WOW! Hmmmm. Oh my! Those were the words coming from the Nurse Practitioner's mouth at my first Endocrinologist appointment ever. She was reviewing my blood test results and apparently they were impressive! But not in a good way. I was one year into my fitness journey and my weight loss had stalled. A friend persisted… Continue reading Reclaiming My Life in More Ways Than One – Hashimotos

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One year ago I became a part of The Global Mental Health Advocate Alliance, & the #SameHere Movement. Mental Health lives on a spectrum & no matter who we are, what we do, or where we’re from, we all deal w life’s challenge & we’re all in this together. @weareallalittlecrazy #SameHere!

Here’s what I shared on their page one year ago. If I can ever help you with your mental challenges especially that go along with weight loss, do not hesitate to message me.