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Ever Broken a Toilet Seat?

Ever broken a toilet seat? How about a chair? Needed an extender for the seatbelt on the plane? Yes, yes, and yes. Cracking a toilet seat in two is embarrassing enough on its own, but how about when it’s at your friends house and now you have to tell your friends husband? It’s not a… Continue reading Ever Broken a Toilet Seat?

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Patty Poppins? Not Quite….

My last blog post was entitled "Be Kind, It Doesn't Cost a Dime."  I wrote about being kind with our day to day interactions with others.  But let me ask you this.  Are you kind with yourself? My co-workers used to call me Patty Poppins.  They said, "She's practically perfect in every way."  Now of… Continue reading Patty Poppins? Not Quite….