Here’s what Diana has to say: 

“I am enjoying working with you so much.  You make me feel like you are real!  Not a model/stick-figure type of person.  I hope I can be as brave as you one day and jump off a cliff.    After one solid month of logging my food, drinking more water, and making better choices now that I am aware of calorie counts, I am down 15 pounds (and I eat 1900 calories a day!)  I’m also loving what I am learning about reducing my inflammation by way of the foods I eat.  Thank you so much for helping me!”

And from Dawn:  “I was drawn to Patty because of her positive attitude, her journey, her age, and her smile.  She was easy to relate to and connect with.  Learning that she had a spiritual connection was a bonus.  I’ve been motivated to move more and I am logging my food as well.  In 7 weeks, I have lost 7 pounds.  I look forward to continuing with Patty.”

And from Tori who I was blessed to train in person with “Patty encourages me not only physically and mentally, but spiritually as well.  As she spoke earlier about finding your 5 (your 5 people that you spend the most time with who motivate and inspire you)…she’s 100% one of mine.”