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Hands Down – One of My Better Hand Therapy Appointments Today

Hi, it’s me again. Today I had a Hand Therapy Appointment. I’ve been going to Hand Therapy since August of 2021. Ally has been helping me with the Ulnar deviation I had going on and she has been a constant over the past year and a half in my health care. I’m so thankful for her. I’ve shared some of the exercises in the past. I’ll link that post here.

Today, I told her I started Humira on Tuesday. She asked me what made me decide? I said, the words, “Would you like to live without pain?” Ally knows that I’ve been wondering if I should start an additional medicine for the entire time we’ve been meeting. So here we are just three days after the first dose of Humira. I’ve felt a little better, but I’ve wondered “Is this just psychological?” But when I held my hand up and I was able to position my middle finger normally, Ally took note. Then when I put my hand down and the swelling that I’ve had in my knuckles for about 3 or 4 years was almost completely gone and in it’s place “extra skin,” I knew something was working.

My hand in 2021 (I could not hold that middle finger in the correct position)
Can you see the swelling in my knuckles I’m speaking of?

Today, we started with a cold laser light therapy treatment. My hand is under the towel and she puts the laser under the towel on my hand. It feels good.

Cold Laser Light Therapy

I thought I’d show you the exercise I am working on. I’ll show you in video form. You’ll easily be able to tell which is my left hand (working hand) and which video is my right hand (needs work.)

Ai yi yi
What I am aspiring to eventually do with my right hand.

Hopeful – that is how I feel today and that is a great feeling. My knuckles are swollen again right now, but I have been working my hand with the exercises a lot today. I had heard Humira might take a while to “work.” So I am anticipating feeling better each and every day. What a joy that would be.

Here is one more exercise that is very difficult for me to do. That middle finger of mine wants to hyperextend and not move for me, but I’m going to keep practicing.

Lift, Lower, repeat 10 times

I plan to document as I go along so this is today. Hand therapy, happy Patty, happy Ally and Hope. That’s a great way to start a weekend, wouldn’t you say so?

PS If anyone knows a good Word Press tutorial where I can learn how to not make the photos so big, etc., please feel free to send me the info. I’ll get better with the formatting. I’m just glad typing doesn’t wipe my hand out anymore.

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  1. I’d say that it all looks and sounds encouraging. Glad you are seeing a difference already. ☺️🙏❣️

  2. Thanks for the update. The photos are coming through now. Thanks for checking on me today. Internet back. Just do not know how to reset TV. Donna took phones to Marcia. Will see how it works.

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