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Hand Update

My right hand has been a source of concern for a couple of years actually. And with my new Rheumatologist in the picture I am starting to make some headway. To recap: about a year ago this time, I was waiting for my first appointment with the new Rheumatologist and I was screaming in pain with Carpal Tunnel (for the first time ever.) Yuk. I saw the new Dr. in September of 2020 and my hands and wrists were really swollen. She gave me a Cortisone shot and EVERYTHING settled down.

In March I had vaccine one and in April Vaccine two – Moderna and my whole body went into a flare – ENTIRE BODY. There were days when I woke up and I couldn’t lift my arm up. It was as if my shoulder was locked. Yes my hand still looked like my fingers on my right hand were deviating, but I had much bigger fish to fry. I didn’t want to bother the Dr. so I waited until my June appointment to bring it up. She said she had seen many patients go into a flare after their COVID vaccinations. Again I was given a Cortinsone shot and everything settled down except my right hand. I went back to her 3 weeks later and said “SOMETHING is not right with this hand.” What I absolutely love about her is she listens. Although the rest of my body had settled down, my right hand was in pain. It was very clearly still very swollen and this time she gave me two shots right into the hand between the knuckles. (not fun.)

Week One I was in a lot of pain and discomfort. To swim, the pain was about an 8 with that hand entry. To hike – was perfect. So hike I did. Week Two the pain was about a 3 and I could at leasat type again (sort of).

Today I went to the Occupational Therapist. Here are photos of my hands.

The OT was great. She made me two braces and instructed me about KT tape. She did not want me to go get anymore shots. She said the KT tape might help pull the rest of the swelling out.

Here is a video with an exercise she asked me to do. This is a yellow highlighter with Coban tape wrapped around it. Click here to see the video. It blew my mind!

Next step is to check back in with my Rheumatologist so we can stop the deviation. I have 100% confidence in her and that we will be able to stop it. I’ll keep you updated.

I like to keep this blog positive, but also “real.” This is my “real life” right now. I am still a very happy and blessed woman. I hired a great helper who is doing a lot of the typing right now. I am building a community via texting in case I get to where I can’t write much for a while, I’ll still be able to talk to text and communicate with all of you. Click here to be added to my contacts.

If you are new here, here are some links to previous blog posts that will help you get to know me. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimotos and Overcoming Anxiety can be found here. A little about me and swallowing the peanut – Alive at 55 can be found here. There’s plenty more too. I’m slowly putting out podcasts on Spotify – you can find me on Spotify here. And I have a few You Tube videos here.

So – no weight lifting for me right now. My goals are 6000 steps a day (which is challenging for me with a desk job all day and sometimes into the night) and 2 swims a week. Eat more protein. Feel free to ask me any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them. Have a great week.

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  1. Your resilient attitude and willingness to keep getting an answer and see deliverance is inspiring. You are strong and kind; thanks for sharing so we can learn. ❤️

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