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Why? His/Her Life Was So Good


I used to wonder this question at times but after living 2022, I think I understand why a bit more. 2022 was a fantastic year for our family— I’ll recap in a moment, yet I have never felt more challenged physically, mentally, and spiritually than I was in 2022. And to my mind that didn’t make sense at all!

In 2022, we moved our business of 18 years out of our home and into an office space. We became Hunter Douglas Gallery dealers and our business boomed. We hosted a ribbon cutting and a Grand Opening with a live radio broadcast. We hired three new Staff. Great, great stuff.

But— I was now working 7:30 am to 5:30 pm with no time for a “front porch workout” or a swim. Dave’s father passed away unexpectedly and I was put in charge of the Grand Opening and responsible for 27 live radio spots over three hours time. My son and I caught a plane the next day for my father-in-laws funeral.

My daughter received her Masters in Systems Engineering, successfully defended her dissertation, graduated with her doctorate in Engineering Education, moved from VA to Nebraska, started a new job, came home for two months and got LASIK which was a miracle!

My middle son graduated with his Masters in Quantum Engineering, got a job with Charter in the Research and Development department, and moved from Golden to Littleton.

My youngest son moved out of the house into his first apartment in January of 2022, leaving Dave and I as empty nesters. He completed his Commercial Pilots license and he received his instrument rating. He came home for Sunday dinners and Friday night tacos from the taco truck.

A LOT of GOOD. Oh and we all went to Maui for a week to celebrate their achievements. Yet at times, I was utterly and completely overwhelmed. You might think, how could you be overwhelmed? You went to Hawaii for God’s sake.

I really see now why God said, and on the seventh day He rested. We have to have time to rest. Or at least I have to have time to rest! I was like the Energizer bunny whose batteries had worn out by the time I got to June because the majority of those things above happened in the first part of the year.

I just remember saying no to anything and everything extra from June on. My cup was FULL. Want to talk about “Reclaiming Patty” the title of this blog. I was fighting every day to hold onto Patty.

My health took a nose dive. Not swimming, not exercising, sitting at work 9 hours a day, losing my Rheumatologist for 9 months and not knowing quite what to do next, trying to decide if it was time for a new medicine but not having my Rheumatologist to run that question by. Watching my right hand go to ulnar deviation and being told not to carry things in that hand – not even a shopping bag. And having pain every day.

But seriously I would get on myself – look how great this year is, look at all the great things that have happened, yet the loss of Dave’s dad, and the degradation of my health pulled my thoughts the opposite way. And I understood a little bit better how someone who looks like they have it all could actually be struggling with the weight of it all.

Thankfully I have a great family- husband, kids, mom, sisters that saw my light dimming and fought to help me get back to reclaiming Patty. It took hiring the right people and going through some growing pains with the right people to get to the point where I am rebuilding habits of success. Reclaiming Patty is a lifetime endeavor and I will never stop, because living in the light is so much greater than living in the dark. For me to manifest peace I need time for myself to read, exercise, listen to music, write (hello, I’m back), and rest. Thankfully 2023 has allowed me to do all of those things. AND my Rheumatologist is back (at a new office) AND I did start a new medicine, so 🙏 for quality of life improvements.

Please let me know if you’d like me to keep writing. I wrote some privately last year, but I’d love to keep this blog up, if you all are interested. ❤️❤️


10 thoughts on “Why? His/Her Life Was So Good”

  1. Great post Patty. I hear from friends who enjoy your posts. Just remember to take the time you need for you. You are an amazing young woman. Love you much.

  2. I am interested. How we all came out from the dark. How you succeeded in regaining your true self. My experience is not similar in episodes but in the work of finding who I am after retirement. When work was my identity. So please continue.

  3. Yes PLEASE! You have a way with reading my mind. This is just what I need right now!!!! BTW, you were 1 of my highlights last year!!! Thank you for your friendship 💕

  4. Yes pls continue to blog. I live in GJ and have similar but different autoimmune challenges. I have a career I love and thrive at, but that also has me at a desk for 10+ hour days. It is very hard to balance success and the lifestyle that helps my conditions. Your relatable and very real connect is inspiring and motivating.

  5. So good to hear from you. So glad you are sharing again. My husband has PMR (autoimmune). He is on methotrexate and prednisone. He just lost his rheumatologist. We are trying a new doctor soon but are praying his dr will reopen a practice within traveling distance. Looking forward to hearing about more successes for you.

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