30 Years of Marriage- How I Met Your Father

How I Met Your Father

I had serious boyfriends from the age of 18.   But whenever it got too serious – like marriage serious – I ran..  I had goals.  I wasn’t interested in being tied down too young.  

 Your dad and I met in Ohio where we were both part of a Bible college.  The year was 1989.   I was in the barn (where we kept our storage) when I looked up and he was standing there.  He asked me to lunch.   That is where it started.  We dated for awhile, but remember my habit pattern.  I “freaked out” at one point and called it quits.  No real explanation or anything.  (I do not recommend this to anyone.)

I graduated from the Bible college in August of 1989 and started working in Ohio at the Headquarters for the ministry.  Dave moved to Gunnison, Colorado.  For Christmas, 1989, Dave hopped a ride with friends and came for one day only to the Ohio Headquarters.  A mutual friend told him he should stop by and see me.  He did and I was very happy to see him.  My sisters had been telling me what a fool I had been for letting him go.  We had a nice visit.  I followed up the visit with a heart felt letter to him.  This was his response!

Basically – thanks for pouring your heart out, but I’m dating someone!
My letter to him was January 1990.  His letter back Jan 30, 1990.

His reply, “I have a girlfriend.”  I put my detectives to work to find out who his girlfriend was and when I found out, I was pretty sad.  It was a girl who was so nice, and so cute, and just perfect.  There was no competing with that.  But I couldn’t go down without a fight so I wrote him back (two pages front and back.)

I feel as though I needed to write you this so that I didn’t go through life saying
 “I wish I would have told Dave how I felt.”  I wrote this Feb . 4, 1990

By February 17, 1990, he was no longer dating the perfect girl.  There was hope on the horizon.

The person I was dating I am no longer dating.
We decided to just be friends!

We continued writing back and forth – I know kind of a lost art now in the day of e-mails and cell phones, but I have kept all our letters.  By May Dave was back in Ohio.  He was set to graduate in August and he asked to take an assignment in Arizona – not stay in Ohio where his girlfriend (me) was.  Wow!  I guess I deserved that.

Well the fates aligned and he was offered a job in the Transportation department  in Ohio (where I was) and he accepted.  We dated from May of 1990 until we were married in October of 1991.

He asked me to marry him on a boat on Lake St. Marys on July 4, 1991.  He says he took me out on a boat so I couldn’t escape.  

Boat rental receipt.

Because we were living in an educational setting, we all ate lunches together.  It was customary for engagements to be announced at lunch.  Here’s the photo of us right after we announced our engagement.

and the rest is history.

Here’s to 30 more years!!

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