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"Let’s Play a Game. It Will Be Fun," He Said

I am nearing the end of a 12 week knee rehab schedule.  This week I was able to return to the afternoon workouts.  This is always a good time because these are the workouts that Dave and Joe attend (my husband and son.)

My husband used to be a bit more reserved, but I found him speaking up at last nights session because I had been given a lesser weight than the others to lift.  I was quite happy with the weight I was given, but apparently he was not.  Mana (the trainer) asked for a vote on whether or not I should go up in weight.  Of course Dave and Joe voted yes.  Thanks, Dave.  ❤️
Tonight we were told we were going to play a game.  It will be fun, he (Ryan) said.  We’ve learned that a lot of times our definition of fun and our trainer’s definition of fun may not be the same.
Tonight we would be rolling the dice– you know like Vegas!  Well, maybe not like Vegas.  🎲🎲
Dave goes first.  He rolls a 12 (a 1 and a 2).  Joe is next — a 14.  Me?  55.  I’m not sure what Carey rolled as I was kind of stuck on 55.  This was the number of squats we needed to do.
Next turn– Dave 14, Joe 22, Patty? 55!  This was the number of push-ups we needed to do.
Next turn– Dave 11, Joe–17, Patty? 63?  This was the number of V-ups we needed to do.  And so it went on from there.  
Do you see how much fun we were having?  Those dice did not like me very much tonight.  The lowest number I rolled was a 24 and that was when I didn’t like the 64 that I rolled at first.  
The trainers’ response that I hear in my head?  You’ll thank me later!
I’m sure we will.

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