Swimming Again – Western Colorado Senior Games

What I just accomplished is something I have wanted to do ever since we moved to Grand Junction in August of 2003.  However I had a “weight number” I wanted to be, before putting on a swim suit and getting in the water in front of other people.  Today I am still 75 pounds away from that “weight number,” but I did it anyway.  Me swimming the 500 free today is due in a very large part to a group of people that a year ago I didn’t even know.  These are trainers and friends that I have met while on my fitness journey.  They do not see me as a number on a scale.  They daily help me paint a better picture of myself in my own mind.  They instill confidence in me where once there was no confidence whatsoever.

The goggles stayed on!

Yes I have a ways to go still, but I am focusing on how far I have come.  I need to do that.  I need to daily change the image I hold of myself.

So today, after 34 years of not swimming for competition, I swam the 500 free.  I swam the “time” I set as a goal for myself.  And yes it was very hard, and yes I wanted to quit, but I didn’t.  I am humbled by those who took time out of their morning to come to the pool to watch me.  I am so thankful for you all.  And I’m thankful for all of you who couldn’t make it, but encouraged me along the way.

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