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Reclaiming My Life – Living Debt Free

_🦋Throwback Thursday: Let’s share some fun facts about Dave and Patty. The picture on the left was the day after our wedding in 1991.

_🦋We were both debt free when we got married. We opted on the “envelope system” to go along with our budget that we agreed on together. (This was way before we even knew who @daveramsey was.) _🦋How this works is if you decide 50.00 a paycheck goes for clothes, 100.00 to long term savings, 200 to groceries, 50 for vacation, etc., then when we got paid we got cash and put the proper amount in each envelope ✉️ (clothes, long term savings, groceries, vacation, etc.) _🦋How this helps—say you are at the mall and you see a pair of 👠 you “must” have. First question is— is the money in the ✉️ ? If not, you keep saving until it is.

_🦋What happens a lot of times is by the time the money is in the envelope, you realize you don’t really need those shoes.

_🦋This was a great way to start off our marriage. We saved for vacations, we saved for a newer car, we saved for a baby, etc. If the money wasn’t in the envelope, we didn’t buy the item.

_🦋To this day we still live this way. We have since found Dave Ramsey and taken his course on Financial Freedom and learned about the 6 month Emergency fund. It took a lot of going without when we were younger to get where we “have to give” as we get older.

_🦋We are also thankful that we were taught how to make better choices with our food. In doing so my RA and Hashimotos are totally under control and Dave’s celiac is too. We believe this will help us enjoy many more years together. #throwbackthursday, #financialfreedom, #reclaimingmylife, #reclaimingpatty, #progressoverperfection, #doubledandme, #rheumatoidarthritiswarrior, #hashimotoswarrior, #celiacwarrior, #onedayatatime, #wellnessjourney, #marriageiswork, #marriageworks

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