Reclaiming My Life — Choose Your Hard

_🏊‍♀️I have officially started training for the National meet in June. Starting with swimming 3 times a week and moving up to 4 times a week in 6 weeks.

_🏊‍♀️Swimming is hard. You swim sets at 80% heart rate or the “yellow” zone for you My Zone fans or “peak” for you treadmill users. All of that effort while your head is under water.

_🏊‍♀️Races are won or lost by thousandth’s of a second, so it’s great practice to get your breathing down. Like I said swimming is hard.

_🏊‍♀️ Want to know what else is hard? Being that Patty on the right who IF she went somewhere, she immediately found a place to “sit.” She was constantly exhausted. That was “hard” too.

_🏊‍♀️Choose your hard. Yours may not be swimming. Yours may be thinking you just can’t get up and go walk for ten minutes. It’s just too hard. But do you know what happens? You make yourself do it and you do it again tomorrow and you make it a habit and before you know it you’re walking a mile, listening to music or a podcast and enjoying the heck out of it.

@_🏊‍♀️Just get started. You CAN do this. Look at me? I’m swimming in swim meets again. Who would have ever imagined that that 47 year old Patty on the right would be swimming a 400 IM in a meet at age 57. Surprise yourself! #justgetstarted, #chooseyourhard, #swim, #swimlife, #reclaimingpatty, #rheumatoidarthritiswarrior, #slowandsteadywinstherace, #wlstories, #wlstories8, #wellnessjourney, #swimsmarter, #myswimpro, #underwateraudio

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