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Ever Broken a Toilet Seat?

Ever broken a toilet seat? How about a chair? Needed an extender for the seatbelt on the plane? Yes, yes, and yes. Cracking a toilet seat in two is embarrassing enough on its own, but how about when it’s at your friends house and now you have to tell your friends husband? It’s not a good feeling.

These are just some of the embarrassing things that happened to me when I was 250+ pounds. Last I weighed in I was 201. (If you are new to my blog posts, let me fill you in regarding me and the scale. We are not friends. My trainer knows it and he keeps it out of my life for long periods of time—7 weeks this time.)

Last week I was at my Rheumatologist appointment and she said to me, “you’re not still trying to lose weight, are you?” (She said this to me 3 months ago as well.). I just looked at her with a Patty look and said, “I’m still 200 pounds! Of course, I’m still trying to lose weight.” She had just given me the okay to hike Mt. Garfield (with hiking poles), so she gently replied.  “Just get outside, enjoy life, do some hiking, do some exploring.”

Still having trouble wrapping my mind around this statement,  I wrote my trainer when I got home. His reply? ” I get what she’s trying to tell you.”  I’m over here saying “WILL SOMEONE FILL ME IN PLEASE!”

Okay, so here’s what I know about myself. I’m a little bit OCD. If you give me a goal (3x a week Swim, 2X a week elliptical), by God I’m going to do it. So I had been sick the previous week. As soon as I felt 30% (instead of 10%),  I was thinking how to double up on my workouts to “catch up” to my goal.   Do you see anything wrong with that strategy? I didn’t.   Kind of why I work with a trainer.   Needless to say, I didn’t double up on anything.   I stayed home multiple days until I was 90% and then I didn’t try to make up for lost time. (Although I wanted to.)  It was pointed out to me that I was letting the “goal” control me. Who knew?

So my trainer sees it, my Rheumatologist sees it and my mom sees it. This is supposed to be fun. It’s not that I won’t lose more weight. It’s more– I am to try and NOT let the goal control me. ENJOY LIFE!!!!!

OKAY- I hear you!!!!

So think about it Patty. The airplane seatbelt fits with slack. You were given the okay to hike a somewhat strenuous mountain. You haven’t broken a chair in years. Nor have you broken a toilet seat in years. Don’t worry about the number so much. Instead ENJOY LIFE!    CLIMB THAT MOUNTAIN!


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