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A Blessing in Disguise?

You know your day is going to be interesting when your husband’s first words to you in the morning are (in your best radio announcer voice), ” Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen as Patty awaits the wrath of Manaman.  No one knows what might happen.”

You see, last night I might have made a joke at Mana’s expense, but I found it extremely humorous.  I still smile and laugh when I think of it.  However, Mana – seemingly not amused – promised a little payback today only hinting that it would have to do with a “leg day.”  I reminded him that Jenna’s sister-in-law was trying out the session to see if she wanted to join.  That didn’t seem to phase him.

This is me after the workout.  Notice Jacob’s Ladder behind me.

Want to know the greatest part of this day and why I feel so good?  I DID Jacob’s Ladder.  I haven’t done Jacob’s Ladder since the 12 week challenge (March).  In March, I heard my knee pop.  In May, I further aggravated my knee by walking up and down the 8 flights of stairs multiple times a day for multiple days while on a cruise vacation.  From May until about one week ago, I have been “rehabbing” my knee.  Well it’s working because today I did Jacob’s Ladder – as well as dead treds, and The Price is Right Mountain climbers while holding a kettlebell in each hand.

On the treadmill with a 20 incline holding a kettlebell in eacch hand.  Fun times!

It never feels like quite enough to just say thank you to Ryan, Mana, and Suzanne.  I can’t believe the difference in the quality of my life since January.  Thank you all for your part in making that happen for me.

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  1. Hey Mona, a dead tread is when you walk on the treadmill but the treadmill has no power (it's dead.) So you are making the treadmill move with sheer leg power. Super fun!

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