It Was Worth Every Bite

Well it seems as if the trainers are quite happy that I can work “legs” again as I believe we did squats every day this past week as well as a myriad of other leg exercises.  My knee held up great and I feel really good.

Last week, I was figuring out the balance of calories in/calories out and trying to get the ratio correct.  I was pretty close on Monday-Thursday.  Friday was turning out to be a bit of a challenge as my youngest got his braces off and that took longer than we expected.  So we decided to grab a bite to eat while we waited for a retainer to be made.  I made a pretty good choice at Subway with a flatbread chicken breast sandwich with mustard and veggies.  That hit the spot.   More errands intervened and it was mid-afternoon now and I still had not been home so I went to Starbucks and got a smoothie.    I grabbed the nutrition pamplet so I could put the nutrition info in my Fitbit.  I got home so late and I was so tired, my husband asked me to stay home from the afternoon workout.  Also since it was his birthday he suggested we go out to eat for supper.  He and the boys wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse and I decided then and there I was having a cheeseburger.  I flat out stopped tracking my food in my Fitbit and ordered a beer and a cheeseburger.  But hey, I ordered a caesars salad instead of fries.


After this meal, I just decided to forego the tracking for the rest of the weekend.  I write a weekly e-mail to my trainer and I usually give him my Fitbit nutrition stats via e-mail (Calories in, Carb, Protein, Fat, and Calories Out per day for the week).  Instead I sent him this e-mail.

Got Nothing For You!

Sunday, it was just Joe and I at home and I was working on a project all weekend, so Joe said, “Let’s go to Which Wich for lunch.”  Why the heck not, right?  I wasn’t tracking anymore.  Off we went.  Again I made a good choice, like I had at Subway.  But I was beginning to wonder what the scale would say.  I can’t check at home, because if you’ve been following the blog,  Sir Ryan had my husband get rid of the scales in the house back in March.

Monday morning – moment of truth.  I decided to check my weight in the scale in the women’s locker room.  It was not good.  So I went out to wait for Ryan.  He called me in the office to get weighed and I told Jenna, “Just go tell him, no thank you.”  “I’m not interested in weighing in today.”  Well that sure as heck didn’t work.  And he was wondering about the “Got Nothing for You” e-mail.    So unfortunately my weight had gone up 2 pounds.  But miraculously, it didn’t bother me.  I had not had a cheeseburger in all of 2016 and it was worth every bite.

I’m back in the green today!

I feel a disclaimer is needed.  I want my family and friends to know that I was fully aware of what I was doing this week and I chose to do it.  I have not fallen off the wagon.

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