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One Day of Eating – YUM!

I often get asked “What do you eat?” So I thought, I’ll tell you. Now for starters, this is just one day’s worth of eating. I do not eat this same food EVERY day. But it will give you an idea of what I put into my body. I have found that if I eat chips and cookies and ice cream, I am almost immediately hungry again. But if I can go a few days without those items, then the “craving” goes away. (And I am not saying that those foods are “bad.” I do not believe in good and bad foods. But I do know what keeps me feeling my best AND what keeps inflammation away.)

So my biggest change has been to change my diet to nutrient dense food that fills me up. This sample is based on eating 7 times in one day. This sample is also a day that I am working out and usually a swim day. Swimming makes me hungry – plain and simple. You might say, of course it does. But I don’t often “feel” hunger. So I sometimes have to force myself to eat. But after swimming, I AM HUNGRY. So here goes.

On a swim day I will add the banana – sometimes before the workout;
sometimes in the locker room right after the workout.
Ideally, I would eat breakfast and then two hours later have the yogurt/granola
and then two hours later the apple with cinnamon. But if it’s a swim day, I have this whole snack once
I get back from swimming.
Is it weird for me to tell you I don’t like chewing? I have great teeth but I just think eating takes SOOOOOO long.
But I know I need the protein, so this is my lunch!
This snack might happen twice a week; sometimes only once a week. I tend to stay away from bread because of the RA and the inflammation. But I can substitute plain rice cakes and that’s great also.
If I am really “OVER” chewing by then, sometimes I’ll just scramble eggs instead of chicken; but usually
chicken or salmon or sometimes shrimp (not loaded with butter) is my supper.
Protein shake (I get a non-whey protein as the whey bothers my stomach.)
We eat mostly gluten free anyway because my husband has celiac.

So what do you think? When my trainer presented this to me (way back when), I thought it was a lot of food. But I feel great when I eat this way AND I don’t wake up hungry at night.

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Feel free to comment below on what else you would like to see. I can do another day of eating because like I said, it’s not the same every day. And as always, thank you so much for following and supporting me in my lifelong journey of reclaiming my life!

2 thoughts on “One Day of Eating – YUM!”

  1. Do you ever eat lean red meat or has that been eliminated? It helps me greatly to see what you eat. What you actually eat is key to weight loss. Exercise is key to health and feeling better as well as assisting with weight loss/maintenance but 70% is what we put in our mouths.

    1. Yes I do eat lean red meat. I usually limit myself to once a week. But I don’t think I need to limit it. I just eat more chicken then beef.

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