12 week challenge, The Scale

Week 8 – March 11, 2016

I woke up Sunday morning with an awful bout of chest congestion.  There was no warning.  There was no runny nose leading up to it.  I just was hit with a chest full of congestion.  That was the beginning of my week 8 of the 12 week challenge.  I wrote my trainer and said I did not believe I should “swim” Monday morning as that takes lung power and I definitely did not have lung power.

I spent the week going to the gym only in the mornings.  I did 25 minutes of cardio and an hour of weights with a trainer each day.  Wednesday was by far my worst day and today was by far my best day.  I had my sense of humor back and my sass back,  so I knew I was getting better.
Have you ever seen this “meme?”
So tonight after supper, Dave said, “Have you lost a lot of inches off of your waist?”  I said, “Yes, 6 so far.”  He said, “I can tell.”  That scored big “husband” points.  🙂
I wonder where I’ll be in 12 weeks?  Stay tuned…….
Next week (Monday and Tuesday) our normal trainers will be gone.  I was kind of bummed by this.  You might think this next statement to be silly, but here’s what I thought about.  On The Biggest Loser, there is usually a point in the competition when they “shake things up” and change trainers.  It teaches you to be ready for anything and that you CAN do this on your own.  So I thought about that and I am looking ahead to Monday and Tuesday with a positive attitude.
Oh yeah, and the biggest change this week!!!!!—- the past two Mondays, my trainer has said “Monday and Tuesday were good with calorie intake (2000 calories), but the rest of the week is where it went down hill.  My response?  “Well that’s because I weigh myself, and I see the scale is not moving, so I think I must be eating too much and I slow down on the calorie intake (1500-1600).  He looked at Dave and said “Get rid of those scales!”  Then to me, “You are only allowed to weigh yourself on Monday mornings here at the gym with me.”  That has been very challenging for me.  I like to know how I am doing.  So once again, I need to “trust the process.”  So I have no idea what Monday’s weigh in will show, but I will report.   Eat, Eat, Eat !  (I am burning 3500 calories a day.)
8 weeks almost done!  Signing off for now.  

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