12 week challenge

Humbling Day – March 18, 2016

Hello readers,

I was sick all last week with a chest cold (Ben too).  I still went to the gym 2 hours in the morning, but I came home every afternoon and stayed home.  I did not see measurable progress in “pounds” lost (lost 1/2 pound), but it was kind of to be expected due to the week I had.

This week I started a new “carb cycle” diet.  A lot of chicken and salmon and repetitive, but none of that really bothers me at all.  If I don’t eat correctly, I usually feel really crappy.  So it is well worth it for me to eat correctly.  I have cut out milk for some time now because it is one of those foods that I don’t digest well.  So with this new carb cycle I am to have a protein shake at the end of the night and add almond milk.  I did that and I had a horrible time digesting that.  I was up till way past midnight getting my stomach to settle down.  So now I just do the shake with water.  But that is what I am referring to when I say if I don’t eat right.  It’s just not worth it to not feel well.

I came back to the gym ready to work on Monday morning.  I found I was at about 70% (after having been ill.)  By Wednesday, I could barely walk or move my arms because everything was sore.  But today I’m back to feeling 99% and not quite as sore.  This is my 9th week of the 12 week challenge.

I took a picture of my progress and put it side by side to my starting photo and I could see the progress.  That helped me mentally after having a week of no weight loss.  I could visually see the difference and that is motivating.

This morning when I was in our exercise class at 9:30 a.m. with 18 other friends/gym members, I found out that two people that I work out with in these classes are fighting cancer (and winning). They are there at the gym working out hard with me.  I find this very humbling and inspiring.  They want their bodies to be strong!  God bless them both.  I am definitely keeping them in my prayers.

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