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Information / Misinformation? What do I do?

It took awhile for me to realize I do NOT have to believe everything I read (no matter the source). And then when I stopped looking at the news, weather, and traffic reports my life got a lot more peaceful. When I say stopped, I mean I took all apps off my phone, I marked the boxes on Facebook that said “See less of this type of post.” And I did not tune in to the nightly or actually moment by moment news on the TV. I still check things here and there, but it just turns to a lot of frustration for me.

I was sent something twice yesterday about the dangers of taking ibuprofen with the COVID-19. That those who take ibuprofen and then get the disease OR who get the disease and treat it with ibuprofen, all they are doing is accelerating the disease into their lungs. THEN if you google that, you get Oh in France they believe that but not here in the US. Another source, there’s no truth to that. Another source – absolutely do NOT take ibuprofen. What do you do? Well, that’s up to you. I’d say check with your doctor but guess who has the final decision? YOU DO!

I have one doctor who believes in doing all in my power for wellness BEFORE medication – eating right, rest, exercise, losing weight. I have one doctor who (in my opinion) jumps to medication first. I have another doctor who retired and shut down the entire office and told us the closest doctor would be 2 hours away. Oh my gosh.

My personal philosophy is I do NOT want to be on a ton of medication so I DO everything in my power to make that happen. That means I don’t eat hardly any (if any at all) refined sugar, white flour, sodas, sweets, very, very little breads or pastas. I exercise daily. I drink my water and stay hydrated. I get fresh air daily. I take my medications prescribed for RA and Hashimotos.

When I do ALL of that and I still wake up with stiffness in my joints and pain in my joints, I have to wonder if it’s the stress of the times? So I’ve been taking Motrin and that has helped immensely with the discomfort, but then I read that about ibuprofen. I get to make the decision what to do next. So revolutionary for me. For years and years, I did what I was told not realizing I could think for myself. Sounds crazy and believe me it was. The most liberating thing I ever did for my own life was to begin to think for myself again. So I switched to Tylenol Arthritis. I’ll see what my Rheumatologist suggests as well. But for now, I wanted to get your input?

Have you heard about the ibuprofen and COVID -19 link. Well by link I mean once you have the virus how ibuprofen might be bad for it. Do you get frustrated like I do about how you can find a news article that supports any and everything you believe. Oh my gosh. It’s insane.

I encourage you to stay smart and vigilant. Trust your gut ALWAYS. Believe God and pray. Do all you can to stay safe in these crazy times and remember you are in charge of YOU.

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  1. Hi Patty, I have heard this information regarding ibuprofen as well. It is absolutely overwhelming how much information there is saying different things. This information got my attention and adds more fear to me than I already have around this as I am anaphlactically allergic to Acetominophen or Tylenon that they are recommending instead of ibuprofen. I pray I stay healthy. I am not sure how plain aspirin works as I try to avoid them all completely. I feel medical doctors only know what they know like anyone so you will only get any one persons level of knowledge on it. Sad and scary. Praying this passes quickly and we all stay safe.

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