Double D and Me

This blog has many facets. It started out as a personal and private blog of my weight loss experience. With encouragement, I made that public and I shared my victories and my struggles. After the weight loss, I still struggled with the mental. I was not a happy person and I took some time to work on me. That’s all documented too. I’m in a great place now

I am working on “tagging” my posts, so if you are a new follower, you can type in weight loss in the search bar and all posts pertaining to weight loss will pop up. Or rheumatoid arthritis, or anxiety, but today I am going to explain Double D and Me. My husband is Dave Deters (Double D). Our youngest just graduated high school in December, I’ve just reclaimed my health and life and mind and spirit, so we are embarking on Double D and Me adventures.

My husband loves NASCAR so we are headed to the NASCAR race in Phoenix. One of the girls at the gym said we should go through Monument Valley and Mexican Hat, Utah. She said to make sure we stop at the Forrest Gump site and we also looked up Muley Point. We headed out from Grand Junction at 7:00 a.m. We had snacks in the car that sustained us until dinner at 6:00 p.m. in Flagstaff.

MULEY POINT: Spectacular views. It is worth it to add it to your bucket list. We live in Grand Junction, surrounded by mountains and nearby the Black Canyon in Gunnison, but when we arrived on the vista of Muley Point, we were speechless (and I’m a writer…pretty difficult to render me speechless.) We met a couple from Germany. They bought an RV in the United States. When it is winter in Germany, they come to the U.S. and RV. They did this for several years in Florida and now they are exploring the west. Hmmmmm should Dave and I buy an RV in Germany……. hmmmmm

Anyway here are a few photos from today:

After leaving Muley Point, take the Moki Dugway. (Not quite as scary as the Million Dollar Highway)

We headed down the Moki Dugway (F-U-N) and headed towards Flagstaff (our stop for the night.) Our friends from Germany highly suggested we stop at Goosenecks State Park. They said it was only a 3 mile detour and there were fantastic views of the San Juan River. That was actually where their RV was parked (they were in a car when we met them at Muley Point.) So after the famous Moki Dugway, we headed to Goosenecks State Park. It did not disappoint. It was 5.00 to get in, but 5.00 well spent.

After leaving Goosenecks Park, we started driving to Flagstaff and THEN we remembered FORREST GUMP. The main reason we had detoured this way (and we are glad we did) was that there was a scene from FORREST GUMP filmed on this highway. We put that into Google Maps and it was just 6 miles away. It’s just a pullout on the two way highway. We pulled over and got a couple of photos. There were others pulled over too and they were really framing their shots. I bet people get great photos here.

After this stop we drove straight to Flagstaff, but there were many scenic pullouts along the way that would have lent to great photos. Our VRBO was jaw-dropping. It’s absolutely beautiful and the smell of pine trees was in the air. It has a deck (2nd floor) and if tomorrow is nice enough, I might just take the conference call I have out on the deck. Tomorrow we will head to the Grand Canyon.

We heard from all three kids today. One reminded us to wash our hands often; one wanted to know what was the purpose of this trip, and one was letting us know all was well at home. I’m thankful that Double D and me can have such adventures, because life is short and life is to be lived. We have lots to explore right in our own backyard.

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