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Reclaiming My Life — Battle Ropes

_🦋Battle Ropes: I love them. Okay seriously? My number one reason for loving them is because there are days where things can pile up in your mind and in your heart and it just feels good to “get it all out!” So instead of unloading on a “friend,” I can take it to the battle ropes.

_🦋That being said— it does not mean every time you see me on the battle ropes — beware. 😂 I’ve come to really enjoy them and I can always get my heart rate up.

_🦋But this post is for you. You may have a gym membership but think, I cannot do the battle ropes. But what if you could?

_🦋 First video shows you standing up with a rope in each hand. If that’s too easy, try standing on a Bosu ball. If that’s too difficult and/or you use a walker or chair for stability, you can sit on a box or a bench. Perhaps it’s just too difficult for you to have a rope in each hand. You can use just one rope and hold it with both hands.

_🦋What’s a really nice take away for you here is you can do it. I had no clue how to do any of these things when I joined the gym. I hope to educate via my page so you don’t feel so helpless like I did.

_🦋Questions or suggestions of what else you’d like to see? #battleropes, #rheumatoidarthritiswarrior, #hashimotoswarrior, #slowandsteadywinstherace, #youcandoit, #wellnessjourney, #reclaimingpatty, #youarenevertooold, #workitout, #itneverwasjustfor12weeks, #overcominganxiety

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