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Reclaiming My Life — Ready to Write a New Chapter?

_🦋 Ready to write a new chapter for your life? Your future matters more than your past! We have so much to live for.

_🦋 When I was 19, I lost my dad to cancer. He had just turned 53. Do you know what I said to myself? I said, “Well at least he had a long life.” At the tender age of 19, I thought 53 years was a long life.

_🦋 I am now 57 (but 54 when I started my fitness journey) and I was convinced being in my 50s was most definitely NOT a long life. In our case, our children were becoming adults, we were financially stable, and we wanted to enjoy the next 40-50 years of our lives.

_🦋 So to say I am beyond thankful to have learned the tools that have led to an entire health turnaround for me and my husband would be an understatement.

_🦋 We both have auto immune diseases that we have under control because we’ve made some different food choices. When you start feeling better, it’s easy not to want to go back to sugar and pasta and processed food. We occasionally dabble in these items but no longer all day every day.

_🦋 Here’s to looking forward! #pattyspeeps, #reclaimingpatty, #reclaimingmylife, #rheumatoidarthritiswarrior, #hashimotoswarrior, #celiacwarrior, #wlstories, #wlstories8, #autoimmunewarrior, #fitafter55, #forwardprogress, #hopeforthefuture, #consistent

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