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Janine’s Story – Bye bye Inflammation

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❤️❤️❤️ times a million! Thanks @janinemcphail for sharing this with me!

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Today I was finally able to interrupt this gorgeous lady and share with her what she has done for me on her fitness journey. Her name is @pattysfitnessjourney here on IG and her first hand true story is touching, inspiring and a testimonial about how it truly is never too late to take hold of your health and change it! Follow her blog that is so very well written and truthful that it will leave you touched with many emotions.

I saw one of her posts and pics one day about the rheumatoid arthritis she has/had that had her knuckles so swollen with inflammation it hurt to look at. When she mentioned and showed the after pic AFTER she dropped the SUGAR in her LIVE IT plan ( not diet, my words ) it made me take a deeper look into my very own sugar intake.

Why you may ask? Because my joints hurt like a bitch! Now although I may not take in as much sugar as most, I was still doing desserts almost every night ( why not, I work out right? )

Food journaling led me to find out my body does not like sweet potatoes because of a sugar in it called mannitol that some people can not tolerate , so WHAT IF I cut out most all that other sugar out too? Would it could it do the same for me? Well, let’s find out I said and so I began. YES, its everywhere just like gluten that I can’t do either but the experiment began.

Before I knew it I stopped complaining about my shoulders, then my wrists and low and behold my good knee that has been working overtime , compensating for my injury on the other side for decades.

Because of Patty sharing her journey it made me take a closer look at mine. The difference is AMAZING!

I urge you to try it for yourself, hang in there and give your body a chance to adjust. You won’t be sorry. And if you are wondering, YES I still have some sugar but a fraction of what it used to be. ~STRONG ON ~

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Janine with @pattysfitnessjourney

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  1. I have imflmation on my chest and back .is sugar free sugar also bad for inflammation? Or just regular sugar

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