Random Facts About Me

No fitness post tonight just a random fact about me. Did you know that when I was 9 months old I swallowed a peanut? 🥜 Well “swallowed” may not be the correct word. (Spanish peanut)
It got stuck. There was no 911. The Fire Department 🚒 went to the wrong house (a house we had lived in 5 years previous.).
Long story short, My lungs collapsed, there was talk of taking a lung to get the peanut, an emergency tracheotomy was performed and I lived in an oxygen tent for about a month – where the doctors (who had given me up and placed me in God’s hands) prayed 🙏 for me each day.
I made it and my mom says I came out of that oxygen tent with curly hair! (see the pictures-apparently I came out with some sass too.) And a tiny scar that grew with my neck. I’ve only met one other person ever with the same scar. It was at a toll booth—no lie. He was the toll booth operator. He said Hey, where did you get that scar? We exchanged stories. His was an emergency tracheotomy on the war field of Vietnam. #interestingfactsaboutpatty

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