Once more about the Thyroid


_For over 40 years my thyroid blood draws checked my T4. I had NO idea there was a T3. When my weight loss stalled, a friend suggested I have my T3 checked. I scoffed at her. Surely my doctor would be on top of this.🤷‍♀️

_Thank goodness for her persistence. She said it was relatively new and older doctors might not want to check T3. A fellow swimmer was a retiring Endocrinologist and she flat out told me there was absolutely no use checking my T3. 🤦‍♀️

_Still my friend persisted. So I asked my dr if we could check it. My dr didn’t fight it at all. The result was basically no T3 in my body. Mine was way below the lowest marker. My dr immediately gave me a low dose of medicine for T3. 💊

_About the fifth day of taking the medicine, my husband said, “You are so much happier.” 💁‍♀️ And I most definitely was. I had been angry and moody and easily upset over little things and that was all going away.

_So 2 things here, be aware that we have T3 and may need it checked too. Be aware that @weareallalittlecrazy and sometimes we need therapy, sometimes we need a good friend to talk to, and sometimes we may just need our thyroid to work so that we can feel better about life! #wellnesswednesday, #talkingshop, #hashimotoswarrior, #thyroidweightloss, #wellnessjourney, #samehere🤙, #5in5, #fitnessover55, #swimhairdontcare, #rheumatoidarthritiswarrior, #wellnessjourney

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