My Why?

My WHY? I want more moments like the photo on the right! I don’t want to portray in my posts that this journey is a “walk in the park.” _This morning I got up at 5:15 am to make a 6:00 am workout. I’m 57. I love my sleep. 💤 😴But I love jumping off cliffs into crystal clear waters more.

_I have setbacks. Yesterday I got to the pool and found out my goggle strap had snapped. Again I have 57 year old eyes and fingers. I tried for 30 minutes to re-thread it only to find out they were way too tight. 🏊‍♀️ Lifeguard to the rescue-I borrowed a pair.

_Life can be tough at times and obstacles will try to hinder your path. How we respond to those obstacles will determine our success.

_When I was 50 (photo on left), I constantly sat on the sidelines. I wondered if I would outlive my dad. (He died at 53.). I was miserable. -At age 55 (photo on right), I’m jumping off cliffs, hiking, taking helicopter rides, swimming and competing, and realizing my best years are ahead of me.

_If you want to live the best years of your life, come take this journey with me. I am posting all my posts on my blog too so you can go there and see the changes I made. Reclaimingpatty.com. And I’ll let you know when I open up more coaching spots. You Can Do It! #chooseyourhard, #throwbackthursday, #reclaimingpatty, #wellnessjourney, #rheumatoidarthritiswarrior, #progressoverperfection, #slowandsteadywinstherace

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