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Inflammation – Do You Have It?

Inflammation! Do you have it? I did—big time. There is a blood test given to RA patients called the Vectra. In Jan 2016, my Vectra score was 39. In July of 2016, it had dropped to 16. What happened? Someone taught me about food.

_Have you been told to not eat processed food? Have you been told to make whole food choices instead? I can honestly say I had NO, ZERO, ZILCH idea what processed food was. 🤷‍♀️ Sometimes I still struggle.

_ But with the help of @ryanrteal back in January 2016, I began to eat eggs 🥚 and oatmeal for breakfast instead of cereal 🥣 and bagels 🥯. I switched to grilled chicken, rice 🍚, and veggies for lunch where I used to eat a Turkey sandwich on wheat bread with mayo and Sun Chips.

_There are no bad foods. If I want a bagel 🥯, I can have a bagel. But for me, the reason I stay away from them is I immediately (next day) see and feel the inflammation. Knowing this, I decide if I want the trade off.

_3 years later, I still log my food and send it weekly to Ryan. 3 years later, I still get feedback like, “can you add ‘fresh’ veggies instead of ‘frozen?’ 🤔

_With RA, I need to have bloodwork every 3 months. Guess whose inflammation markers have been normal for 3 years now? 🙋‍♀️_As I delve into coaching, I hope to impart this knowledge about food and inflammation to my clients and to my social media audience. It has changed my life — forever for the better! 🙌. #wellnesswednesday, #wellnessjourney, #rheumatoidarthritiswarrior, #inflammationrelief, #samehere🤙, #reclaimingpatty, #reclaimingmylife, #pattysfitnessjourney, #smallchanges, #bigresults

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