Are You Hungry?

Understanding Hunger. Phew! What a task. If you watch a baby 🍼, they cry when they are hungry and they push the bottle away when they are full.

_As we get older, eating begins to serve a different purpose: to soothe, distract, numb, procrastinate, entertain, or reward. 🍨 -What food is comforting to you and why? I have a couple that bring back fond memories of my dad (who died young). One is hot chocolate ☕️. We’d sing Xmas carols and then invite the neighbors over after for hot chocolate.

_The other is a “black and tan” 🍨 at Fenton’s Creamery in Oakland,CA. We’d go there after piano recitals and it was a real treat!

_No food is off limits, but you also don’t want to eat Black and Tans and hot chocolate every night. Well maybe you do….🤷‍♀️_Identifying if you are eating because you are hungry versus eating because you are bored, anxious, or tired is a good habit to get into to help you not overeat.

_Working on helping you make simple changes slowly and then over time you will see big results. #mindfulliving, #progressnotperfection, #smallchangesbigresults, #pattysfitnessjourney, #reclaimingpatty, #reclaimingmylife, #rheumatoidarthritiswarrior, #hashimotoswarrior, #samehere🤙, #wlstories, #wlstransformation, #wellnesswednesday

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