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We Must Do More

  • Never in a million years did I think “losing weight” would lead to a total “wellness” journey but it has. I’ve been told you like it when I’m “real.” So here it is.
    •4am—I find out that yet another friend has taken their life. Nobody knew he was struggling. I mean they knew circumstances in his life had changed dramatically, but no one knew just how much it was affecting him. When you hear of his death, you will not read anywhere that he took his own life. Why is that? Are we “ashamed” of suicide? If we as a society are “ashamed” of it then where does it leave those who are contemplating it? They don’t feel like they can talk to anyone perhaps?
    •I’ve heard suicide is selfish, suicide is devil spirit possession, suicide leaves the living in sooo much pain, eww I don’t want to talk about suicide. So now what, if I’m troubled with those thoughts, who do I turn to? •These are real thoughts people! I experienced those thoughts when I drastically changed my diet for one week. I however was able to talk to my spouse about it and I knew my diet was changing back the next week. But what about those who experience those thoughts and they don’t know how to help themselves? We all post, “if you are thinking of suicide, talk to me. I’m here for you.” We need more than that. We need to be checking in on people—even if everything seems okay.
    •One of my best friends tried to take her life and she never once “talked to me.” Thank God, God talked to me and my husband and we were able to get to her before the pills had taken a fatal effect. My point, she never talked to me. She talked to others, but not me who was right here, in her town, able to help. Why? I don’t know why. •Maybe you think people will think you are crazy if you tell them you are thinking of killing yourself. Well, that’s exactly why I’m an advocate for @weareallalittlecrazy. We ARE all a little crazy. We ALL deal with things. Let’s speak out more and share how we overcome our issues! Let’s be more careful with our words. God, people, let’s help one another.#rip#reclaimingmylife#pattysfitnessjourney#reclaimingpatty#suicideawareness#suicideprevention#keepingitreal
  • weareallalittlecrazyHere for u patty!
  • pattysfitnessjourney@weareallalittlecrazyThank you. I appreciate you so much.
  • staceyinklebarger_fitnessVery well said! And so sorry to hear about your troubled friends… is a shame they felt so helpless and felt they couldn’t reach out. I have learned that we need each other (friends, and strangers alike) to lift one another up and to realize we are not alone in our struggles!
  • janinemcphailVery well sadly said Patty. You know? I know that feeling. This makes me want to volunteer for a suicide hotline. I must train and look into this. Thank you for sharing my Precious Patty. I think you should write a book. You are a very good true story writer. The world needs more of you.

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