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  • UGH!!!! One of the most unexpected (to me) parts of my fitness journey has been the “mental” aspect. Once I learned how to get the physical weight off, that became easy for me. But the mental transformation was scary and confusing, and then exciting at times too. It involved adjusting doses of medicines I take, adding a T3 med (which stabilized my mood.) It involved a lot of self-help books. It involved great friends, great Bible studies, great weight loss community like @wlstories8 and @wlinspired.
    Never ever think that because someone is losing weight, they must “feel” great about themselves. My mind needed to catch up to what my body was doing. If you are struggling, please there are answers. There are ways to “defeat the demons” (his words). I advocate for a great group called @weareallalittlecrazy. Check them out too. Message me anytime. There is hope!!! #pattysfitnessjourney#samehere🤙 , #samehere#wlstories#wlstories8#suicideprevention#suicideawareness#ifyouneedhelpimhere#reclaimingmylife#reclaimingpatty
  • weareallalittlecrazyThis is such an important message you shared, Patty. We talk about “transitions” all the time, and how they are difficult and are a big part of mental health battles. But usually when we think of transitions, we think of things like: moving, changing jobs, getting engaged or married, having kids, etc. But as you point out, weight loss is a transition – and one that affects our mental health in a big way too. Very insightful. Thank you and RIP to the man from this show :(.

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