What’s Your Secret?

The more people I talk to and the more people that ask me, “What’s Your Secret?”, the more I realize there are many, many of us who just don’t know what to do to get the weight off.  

I wonder how many of you have a DVD/VHS library or a book library or a cookbook library that looks like the above photo.  I know I do.  I tried many, many plans over the past 20 years with minimal success.

What I am doing now, I do NOT call a diet.  Not at all.  I follow a nutrition plan.  I knew 1% of how to eat correctly just over a year ago.  I have been taught a lot.  But I cannot just tell you what I am doing and BAM you’ll lose weight.  Each person is different.  Your age, your exercise level, your health (and medicines you may be on), your resting heart rate — all of these things need to be taken into consideration when coming up with a recommended calorie intake and macronutrient guide.

I get frustrated when I meet doctors or chiropractors or others that practice medicine and they have THE ANSWER for me.  The thing is they have the answer for me without asking me ANY questions AT ALL.  My orthopaedic doctor told me that I would have the “runners knee” for the rest of my life and basically I needed to “deal with it.”  My husband asked, “what if she loses 50 more pounds?”  “Hmmmm.  Yes it could get much better if she lost 50 more pounds.”  A chiropractor told me that cutting my carbs to almost non-existent and upping my fats and protein was THE way to lose weight.  (I did not ask his advice.)  Does he know I sometimes work out 2.5 hours in one day?  No.  He never asked.

While clothes shopping about a month ago, when I told the sales clerk I had recently lost 60 pounds, she asked if I had been sick.  When the same conversation came up at the checkout, the gal there asked if I had had the surgery.  It seems that weight loss is so foreign, that we automatically think someone must have been sick or had the surgery to lose weight.  Surely they didn’t do it on their own.

When I do get the chance to talk to someone about what I am doing, they usually say either 1) Oh, I could never do that.  I like to eat too much.  or 2) Oh I could never exercise that much.  or 3) Oh, I want a “quick” fix.   My thought and sometimes my reply (it slips out) is “Oh really?  Well I want to live.  So I totally think it’s worth it.”

I want to see my kids get married.  I want to meet my grandchildren.  I want to grow old with my husband.  I want to live!

If you are willing to put in the effort and you are patient to see the results and you want to know more, contact me.  I can recommend someone for you to talk to.  Some weeks my progress seems slow, but in one year I have gone from a size 24 to a size 14.  My younger sister in New York was inspired to make changes and in one year she has gone from a size 16 to a size 6.  And no, we did not have the surgery!  We just want to LIVE.

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