He Speaks a Different Language Than Me – BO DB Rows, LM OHP, RMR, HIIT, EMOM, etc.

Today concludes three weeks of training solely with Ryan at Knock Out Kickboxing and Main Event Fitness.   I’m thinking some of you might be wondering how it’s going.  Let me just say that it is hard af.  Let me ask you a question.  Let’s say you are doing cardio on the rower.  If your trainer walks up and starts watching you, do you row harder?  I think most people would say yes.  Well I no longer have that luxury (of slowing down when I’m not “feeling” it).  Because he is always watching.

My typical week has been Monday and Wednesday I go to Main Event Fitness at 9, Kickboxing at 9:45 and train with Ryan at 11 (lifting).  Since I’m there all morning those days, I have to think through my food and my coffee (so I bring my own cup.)  Here he’s enjoying my cup/his coffee/ while I suffer through the workout.

He looks a bit too happy.

Tuesday and Thursday I train at 11 with Ryan and we do strictly cardio.  Oh just for fun let me tell you what we did this week.  On Tuesday:  45 rope slams, 45 step ups each leg, 45 thrusters with the bar, 45 rows with the bar, 45 kettlebell swings, 45 v-ups.  He timed me.  I got it done in 17:17.  He said, “Take 5 minutes rest.”  Now you’re going to do it again and beat your time.  WHAT??!!??  So I did and I beat my time – by 2 minutes.  “Take 5 minutes rest.”  To end the workout you will do 15 minutes of suicides.  I thought he was crazy.  I actually reminded him that I was not Marivel and I was not training for a marathon. He didn’t care.

What’s funny is my daughter called me after that workout and I was trying to complain to her about what I did.  Her response, why 45?  Doesn’t he know you are 55?  Gee thanks.

Suicides?  My Name is Patty!

Thursday–1 suicide, 20 kettlebell swings, 1 suicide- 19 kettlebell swings, and so on and so forth.  I’m a swimmer not a runner.  Doesn’t care.  Here’s where you had better know the lingo – then we did EMOM – 40 rope slams, 20 step ups each leg.  Then TABATA – shuffle down, 2 burpees, shuffle back.  TABATA throws me EVERY time.  That just gets me more TABATA.  Give me a pace clock on the wall, I can do just fine.  Make me listen to beeps and whistle type noises and I struggle.  All of this is sure to cause EPOC all day long.   These cardio workouts have me burning 550 calories or more.

There are lots of fancy terms and sayings.  I write them all down and keep them on file.  One day they will be like second nature to me.

On Friday mornings I have decided to swim the Masters swim workout at Colorado Mesa University.  I went last Friday and there were about 12-15 swimmers there.  They welcomed me warmly and I kept up okay.  For the last 15 minutes of practice last Friday they jumped in the diving pool and played some water polo.  I hadn’t played water polo since college, but it came back to me.  It was fun.  I’ll go there again each Friday.

As much as I kid and complain, I really am enjoying the change up in my routine.  I love the Kickboxing crew, I’m meeting new friends, I’m learning new things, and I’m getting my a$$ kicked each day (AND I pay money for that.)  So I’d better like it.  In all seriousness though, just look at this next picture and you will see why I believe in Ryan so much and yes I know he lays the path before me and it’s up to me to walk down it.  But I’m very thankful he is laying the path before me.

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