Note to Trainers (from Patty and Tori) – humorous post

So my friend Tori and I have been members at Gold’s Gym Clifton since the pre-sale phase (basically before the doors were open.)  We’re actually kind of proud of that fact.  So if we told you, (the trainer) that, you might think we know what we are doing.  WRONG!  Here are three ways that we’ve been schooled!

Recently our employee joined Gold’s Gym.  I remember him coming in to work and telling me how he and his girlfriend used the rowing machine and played the games on it.  I was like, “What?”  There are no games on the rower.  He assured me there were.  Guess what?  There are.

Uh, it says so right here, Patty.  “Games.”

Because of injuries, I am doing a lot more cardio and less lifting.  So the other day Tori and I were on the elliptical.  I’ve done the elliptical for months because it’s the easiest on my knees.  Semaj tells us to enter our weight, so we begin using the up arrow, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 156…… (I weigh above 200 – so you can imagine the time this takes.)  Tori does the same thing, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155.  Try to imagine Semaj’s face as we do this.  He’s like – Use the keyboard and punch in your weight.  We were both like, WHAT?  We’ve been using the up arrow for years!  (This is also why I would never win Survivor.)

Yesterday, Sonya and I had the joy of climbing Jacob’s Ladder.  SO MUCH FUN.  If you haven’t done it, you have GOT to try it.  Anyways, again Semaj says make sure you adjust it to your height.  Both Sonya and I- WHAT?    What are you talking about?
Well, would you look at that?
Sonya – Well look at that.  It’s right there in the directions!
It still makes me laugh! Sonya and me.
So – trainers!  Please feel free to teach and re-teach and re-teach until we “get” it.  I know when I first started training seriously one year ago, A LOT of things went way over my head.  That’s actually going to be a goal of mine this year to actually “grasp” what is being said this year.   I know that I have met people brand new to working out.  Their trainer has told them to go warm up on the machines.  They come over to the machine and introduce themselves to me and they ask me to help them, because they don’t know how it works.  Are you sure you want me helping them?  🙂

We need instruction (obviously).  Learning never stops, does it Tori?

Tori and me!

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