Accomplished a Challenge from One Year Ago!

Mana and Ryan are no longer at Gold’s Gym.  Before they left I asked them if they would take this picture with me so that I could post it when I lost 60 pounds.  The day is here.  They are each holding 30 pound kettlebells equaling 60 pounds.

I loved training with these two because they communicated so well with each other with no ego involved.  They both loved helping each and every one of us and they talked about us and our goals to each other.  I had no idea that was happening in the beginning.  It took everything I had just to do what Ryan was asking me to do.

January 18,2016 – almost one year ago – is the date I started the 12 week challenge.  January 25, 2016 at a 8:00 a.m. workout that Ryan was running, he had us do this:

“On Monday  my 8:00 a.m. semi with Ryan was to walk with two 30 pound kettle bells back and forth until I couldn’t do it anymore.  Then I did 100 step ups and 4 minutes of bear crawls.  Then we did it again and again.  It was quite the work out.   Tonight’s semi with Mana was similar.  “

Quite honestly this workout back then at 276 pounds just about killed me.  I was kind of mad actually at the end and I was like, “Why did we do that?!?!”   I remember Ryan saying, “Because I want you to see how it feels to carry around 60 extra pounds of weight!  And what it will feel like when you drop 60 pounds!”  Well let me tell you, it did not feel good AT ALL.   (Found out much later – like 10 months later – Mana suggested that workout to Ryan.  That’s what I mean about loving how they worked together so well.)

So ladies and gentlemen, the day has come that I now know how it feels to walk around 60 pounds lighter and it feels AMAZING.  

If you are reading this and you are participating in a challenge or if you are simply making this your year to drop weight, keep track of these small victories.  It’s super fun to look back at them and realize how much you have accomplished.

Blog Post from 1 year ago

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