One Year Mark – New Goals?!?

Today, January 18, 2017 is exactly one year from when I began on this crazy fitness journey of mine with Ryan Teal.  I asked Ryan today if he would take my measurements.   So starting weight 276, weight today 216 – progress 60 pounds lost.   Waist then – 52″, Waist today – 40″ – progress 12″ or 1 foot.  Hips 52″ then,  43″ today – progress 9″.  Thigh then 29″, today 23 3/4″ – progress 5 1/4″.

There were so many days that I felt discouraged with my progress, yet now looking at the sum total of one year, there is absolutely nothing to be discouraged about.  So goals?  How about keeping my discouragement in check.  Look at what I have accomplished vs. what my mind tries to trick me into thinking.

There were also times when I would be benched because of a particular injury (knee).  I would get mad that I was benched because I thought I could handle working out still (but in reality I needed the rest.)  But I didn’t rest, I went and walked 4 miles a night for that week.  I ended up with a pretty messed up ankle because of it and that ankle still flares up.

I recently went to the rheumatologist for a scheduled check up and I asked her if the pain in my ankles, knees, elbows and hands were from the arthritis.  She did a physical exam and then she did a blood test to confirm her diagnosis of “This is not arthritis.  This is OVER USE.”  She restricted me to twice a week lifting and 6 days of cardio.   So GOAL?

 Oh yeah and while we are on the subject, I thought the following would be a good Christmas present for Ryan from me.

I didn’t think he would accept it. But alas he did.

I am not planning on setting a weight loss goal.  What I am doing, lifting weights twice a week, doing cardio six times a week, and following the nutrition plan that Ryan sets for me is working.  I am losing 1 to 2 pounds a week.  I get too caught up on the number if I have a number goal, and then I get angry if I don’t hit the goal.  So no “number.”  I also know I am never getting the scale back in my house and I’m coming to terms with that.  Especially when I talk to women in the locker room and they say yesterday morning I was down 1 pound and then last night I was up three and today I was up two.  And I think to myself, I have no idea what I am because I can only weigh in once a week.  It’s quite freeing actually.

A big goal of mine is to learn as much as I can from Ryan about everything.  So much of what he said and taught me last year just overwhelmed me.  I could follow a plan, but I didn’t always understand it.  This year I want to understand it so I can be successful on my own if need be.

Other goals for the year are to have ankles strong enough to ski Crested Butte with my son Ben next winter; swim a Master’s swim meet with my friend Cheryl sometime this year; Rest when I am told to rest, and believe in myself more.

I carry cards with me every day and I also have it posted in my locker of all that I have accomplished this past year.  This was especially helpful on days I was discouraged over a number.  Some of those accomplishments are:

60 pounds lost; blood pressure was 149/104 is now 120/88.  Rheumatoid arthritis was in a close to high state of inflammation, is now in a low or even remission state of inflammation; the airplane seatbelt fits now, I can bend down and tie my shoe now, I don’t need afternoon naps. I can do an assisted pullup.  I can do a pushup. I can squat and I can lunge. (I couldn’t do any of those things when I started one year ago.)  I was in 3x clothing and am now in Size XL (teetering on Large).

I have consistently lost weight all year.  There was no backsliding.  I am in it to win it.  I will achieve my goals.

I could not end this blog without thanking all the friends/supporters I have met this year.  I am beginning a separate blog entitled People Who Inspire Patty on Her Fitness Journey.  I am interviewing my first friend on Tuesday.  So you can look forward to that.  So often you tell me that I inspire you.  Well I want you to know that you inspire me.  So this is a way for me to give back.  My first post should be out at the end of next week.

Here’s to another great year!

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