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Moving Forward in 2017

When our daughter Jessica was born, Dave and I lived in Ohio.  For the first 18 months-2 years of her life, she was sick about every 6 weeks.  We went to multiple doctors and no one knew what was up.  It was always respiratory and she was given antibiotics just about every 8-10 weeks.  It was maddening.
One day the doctor finally said, I think you should go to Children’s Hospital in Dayton.  We made an appointment there.  The doctor talked to us, listened to Jessica’s chest, checked her ear, nose, and throat and said, “She has asthma.”  No question whatsoever, no months of trying to figure it out.  The specialist knew exactly what was up.  She started doing daily breathing treatments and we were able to get off of the constant antibiotics.   I have never forgotten how the “specialist” knew exactly what was wrong with her.
Jessica could play “doctor” perfectly when she
was this little.

 When Joe was having the constant back pain and the xrays were done to confirm scoliosis, once again we saw a specialist at Children’s Hospital (in Denver this time).  This man had been doing two surgeries a day for years and we felt at ease (or as at ease as one can feel when their child is being operated on) with this surgeon.  Again, success was realized in Joe’s life.

Joe’s before and after x-rays.

Well for years, I have been to all the weight loss programs out there.  Over and over and over again with no success whatsoever.  Weight Watchers, Curves, Jenny Craig, The Metabolic Center, Atkins, Juicing, Vegetarian, Protein Power, Body for Life, and many more.  One day last year, a recent college graduate stepped into my life and began helping me with my nutrition and fitness and BAM results followed!  As sure as Jessica’s asthma diagnosis and treatment and as sure as Joe’s surgeons’ detailed work, I was following direction and seeing results.

We eventually moved from Ohio to Colorado and the dry air aided Jessica’s full recovery from asthma.  We still visit Joe’s specialist once a year in Denver for follow up visits.  AND since Ryan is still in Grand Junction and so am I, that is who I will be moving forward with in 2017.  When you find the combination that works and it gets you results, you stay with that combination (if both parties are able.)

Year 1 (-60 pounds), Year 2 (tbd)
His head is so big, it won’t fit in the picture!   Ha Ha!!!!

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