Week in Review – Ode to Friends

I started out the week unable to hear anything out of my right ear.  The docs on call doctor said it was as if I had been flying or as if I had just driven through the mountains.  I said, “I know – now what can you do about it?”  I had no cold, maybe a slight ear infection, no congestion.”  It was weird.  I was on an antibiotic, but if I walked right past you this week and you said, hi – chances are I never heard you.

On Monday morning we met with Suzanne for our semi-private NLP session at Golds.  Leave it to Suzanne to come up with new exercises to us.   After this workout, I went and met with Ryan and went over my schedule for the week and my eating from the past week.  Monday evening I went and did 45 minutes of Kickboxing.

Nancy, Semaj, me and Tori

Core Wellness group

100 pullups

Kickboxing with Patricia, Ashley, me, Miguel, Leonard,
Michael and Ryan

Friday we had an 8:00 am workout with Semaj and then a 5:30 p.m. kickboxing workout.  I am so happy that Nancy joined kickboxing with me and that Patricia was already a member.  It’s a really fun workout.

Nancy, me and Patricia H.

I had gone back to the doctor on Thursday and seen my doctor.  She told me to take a prescription nose spray, a Claritin, a Pepcid (antacid – but it has antihistamine in it) and Motrin.  She said take them all at once.  That worked.  I am 95% better now.  So I should be able to hear you at the gym now. 

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