Trying New Things – Cardio Circuit Training at MARS

 HOLY CRAP – That was a cardio workout!!!!  If you want to burn some serious calories in a short amount of time, you need to give this a try.  This is being offered for FREE again on Thursday morning, November 3 at 10:45 a.m. at MARS.  Probably the best compliment ever is that Kellie (who NEVER sweats) broke a sweat during this workout!

I’ve been able to still train with Ryan (since he left Golds), but I have not trained with Mana.  There’s nothing quite like having Mana quietly in your face pushing you to go harder at everything you do.  I imagine it would be pretty close to what a drill seargent would be.  Awe Mana, I’ve missed you.  I told him I’d pay money just to have him yelling at me.  He said, he’d love that job.  lol

There are quite a few of us who have had excellent fitness results under the tutelage of Ryan and Mana – so I believe that sells the program right there.  If this program gets going, I’m in and I hope I’ll have a lot of friends joining me.

Oh Patty – have you forgotten your form already?

Oh Patty, let me get you a harder band.

Oh Patty, why do you have that light weight?
Oh Mana, don’t you have someone else to talk to?

There is a little bit of kickboxing thrown in – but it feels good and it’s MAJOR cardio.

Jenna throwing punches

Kate in the front, Kellie in the back throwing punches.

I think there were 10 – 3 minute rounds.  But I’m not sure, my head is a little foggy.  🙂  Here’s a sampling of some (but not all) of the other exercises.  Thanks to Toni for snapping the photos.  Toni is almost as much of a drill seargent with me as Mana is, so it’s always nice when she’s there too!
Look at Kellie planking (and sweating)!


Jenna with the step up for the win!

That was really fun and something new.  It’s always nice to train with Ryan and Mana too!  Let’s do it again!

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