It’s Almost As If Ryan Knows What He’s Doing – Joe says to me (w/sarcasm)

Monday – weigh in day!  Let’s go back a week.  Last Monday, the scale stayed exactly the same.  That is frustrating when you have eaten all the right foods and exercised your butt off.  I did my Monday morning workout and then headed to Ryan’s place of employment to meet with him.  He looked at the weigh in results and then adjusted my workout schedule to about half of what I had been doing.

You have to understand that in my heart, I totally trust the guy.  But my head and my mouth sometimes take a while to catch up.  So all week, Joe (my son) would ask me “Are you going to the 4:00?”  I’d say, “No, Ryan cut me back!” and I’d say it with some attitude.

So today I came home from meeting with Ryan and Joe asked me, “Are you going to the 4:00?”  I said, “No, Ryan cut me back AND I lost 2 pounds last week.”  Joe’s classic response ‘ “It’s almost as if Ryan knows what he’s doing.”

Great weigh in results!  It’s great doing less and seeing results.  And I absolutely am loving the kickboxing.  When we were kids, my dad bought us one of those Bozo the clown punching bags.

He put it in the garage and I loved punching the heck out of that clown.  You could punch him and he’d fall to the floor and then bounce back up.  It was a great way to get aggression out.  That’s what kickboxing did for me this past week.  It was a difficult week transitioning to new things and kicking and punching the bag felt great.  My friend Nancy and my son Joe came with me and this picture was taken after the workout.  It WAS and IS a great workout.

After Kickboxing at MARS

So I did less at the gym.  I did two kickboxing classes.  I did one Core Wellness class and three friends came and tried Core Wellness with me. And I got a hard workout with the new trainer, Semaj.  And I had great weigh in results.  You can’t beat that!

After our Pumpkin Core Wellness workout

So yes Joe, It does seem as if Ryan knows what he is doing.  (Thanks Ryan)

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