Do Trainers Have a Sixth Sense?

OMG when I think of this morning, I still smile.  Every morning we gather near the trainer room waiting for our session.  This morning was no different.  I have to be honest here, sometimes I fear (in a good way) Mana’s workouts.  So I was voicing my concern to the other ladies.  I said, “Oh gosh, I wonder if it will be a leg day.  It’s going to suck if it’s a leg day AND it’s Mana.”  Jenna ever so casually replies, “Oh, Mana.  I’m not worried about him.  I know how to be sneaky and get away with things when he isn’t looking.”  Just to set the scene here, Mana was NOT around when she said this.

We head to the FTC (Functional Training Center) Room.  He tells us to do 10 sets of 10 pushups.  Well hey, at least it’s not legs, I think.  We are all kind of in that transitional stage of we really should do a true push up, but we sometimes find it much easier to drop to our knees.  I’m on my knees and look over at Jenna who is on her knees.  Mana notices Jenna right away, “Jenna, get on your toes.  Jenna, get lower.”  He leaves me alone.  He continues watching Jenna.  I am dying laughing inside.

After our 100 push ups, we transition to the ropes.  A plank with a rope slam – 10 each arm – 10 sets.  We are kind of like, WHAT?  Where do you come up with this stuff?

Kelly and Jenna – Doesn’t that look like fun?

We notice that people are arriving to the FTC or FUN room.  We are like praise God, there’s a class coming in.  Not to worry, Mana has much more fun planned in the way of “bear crawls.”  He was thinking perhaps Jenna needed to run – so he grabbed some bands and we headed to the Racquetball courts.  I HATE bear crawls.  Ryan was running the class.  I was like hey, don’t you want me to stay for class?  Uh, basically that answer was NO!

We pair up for the lovely bear crawls, but since we are not sure how this will feel on my leg I get to try it without a resistance band leaving Jenna to pair with none other than Mana.  I’m thinking “How’s that being sneaky thing working out for you today Jenna?”

Kelly and Tori – bear crawling – Good times!

Jenna – she ran so fast Mana was like “Whoa!”

We had to do 10 burpees in between running back and forth and we had to do that five times.

Poor Jenna!

By the way my leg was fine, but I never said anything because I was kind of enjoying having the attention on someone else.  For the last set, Mana was like -“Hey you were just supposed to try it once without a band.”  Oh, I say, I didn’t know.

Oh yeah – my turn!

From there we went to Chest Press, Mountain Climbers, Plank Walk, and a Plank jack.  Oh my gosh.  Poor Jenna – to add insult to injury she hates Chest Day.  She was a GREAT sport and I bet she loses weight this week with no problem.

After the workout – check out that clipboard and athletic stance!

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