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Guest Post by my little sister – Lisa Sparks 8/21/2016

“My sister Patty invited me to write this week’s blog. I am Patty’s only younger sister and I have always thought of her as my friend. She and I were together one year ago in August 2015 at our moms home in Ohio. It was a great time together. Patty brought us gifts and one was Fit Bit to track our steps we took. I NEVER tracked my steps…In my mind, I was living the dream of just eating good fun food, never exercising but staying active and it was summer! I was tan and feeling like a true California girl…until I saw some of the photos of myself with family and friends that visit. YUCK. Those photos you are embarrassed to share with friends.
Family – rocking our Fitbits and putting them to work- Aug 2015

Me (Lisa) and Patty’s daughter (Jessica) planking – Aug 2015.

At the end of December 2015, I weighed in at my Dr.’s office at a whopping 194 pounds. I swore at the nurse and told her This is NOT OK!  I had been living my life concerned with others and never really put myself first and finally it had caught up with me. My family has always encouraged me to be healthier, by drinking water and eating better foods. 

To summarize my success, I for the first time in a long time began to consider myself and make changes.  There isn’t really a secret or one thing I have done, but I think of 3 things
1. I wanted to better myself with health and fitness for ME
2. I read lots of good books. With losing weight, my favorite was Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules. With bettering myself? That book is titled Boundaries.
3. I began exercising at home, but my biggest boost in self-esteem and in physical fitness is my wonderful time with my physical trainer at Golds Gym (Fairport, NY) named Nick.

My trainer, Nick, and me (Lisa) – Fairport, NY Gold’s Gym

My body has changed from a size 14/16 to a size 10. From 194 pounds to 161.2 as of today. My son said I was glowing. I want more results so I keep onward. It’s been the most rewarding transformation in my life. It reminds me of the success I enjoyed as a youth who won gold medals in swimming competitions.

I’ve learned that I no longer need to try to change anyone else in life besides me. This I am in control of. By changing me inside and out, I feel I have a new love of life, a new relationship with my husband and kids and I feel Brand New.

My sweet sister Patty has been a constant support in my life…I am always asking her for answers to life’s questions! Now she is this rock of strength and determination I just love to observe and glean from! I am so proud of her and so thankful to her.

My sister Patty and I in August 2015 and again in August 2016.

Be good to yourself…it is not selfish like I sure thought for many years. I dare you to put away processed foods and try lifting weights! HA! Those thunder thighs can become TRUE thighs of thunder that are tone and strong and it feels so incredible to be confident in yourself. It also feels good to tie your shoes and not have a huge belly be in your way!

Love you my sister Patty. Thank you for being my example of not giving up. I’ll see you on the awards blocks receiving our gold medals/blue ribbons when we reach our goals., however every day we are on the winner blocks! 

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