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NLP – Next Level Performance 8/14/2016

Facebook memories pop up on your timeline and they have a way of reminding you just where you were one year ago.  One year ago, I was in Ohio with my daughter visiting my mother and my sisters.  I did not feel well leading up to that trip nor did I feel well the entire time I was there.  Honestly for me it was a miserable trip.  To add insult to injury, I could b-a-r-e-l-y buckle the seatbelt on my flights.  I was too embarrassed to ask for an extender so I sucked it in and got it buckled.  These photos are from that trip one year ago.

My sister Lisa and I August 2015
All 7 of us girls – August 2015
My daughter and I – Aug 2015
As soon as I returned from that trip, I joined the NLP program at Gold’s Gym.  What that allowed me to do was to attend classes and/or semi-private training sessions every day (Monday-Saturday).  This is different from classes that are held in the gym such as Yoga or Zumba or Spin, because these classes are led by Certified Professional Trainers.  I needed and still need that to make sure that I am doing the exercises correctly, so I don’t get hurt.  My one year anniversary date for NLP is actually coming up on August 21.  From the day I joined, August 21, 2015 until today, I have gone to at least one class a day (Monday-Friday) every day all year.  The only times I did not do this was when we were physically out of town on vacation.   I want to now show you some side by side pictures of what one year of NLP has done for me so far.
Look at my face in the 2015 – WOW.
1 year difference – I’ll post another one next year.

I have met a whole bunch of new friends in NLP.  One girl I even blogged about in the earlier blogs about how encouraging she was during a certain workout.  She’s been busy all summer renovating her house so I haven’t seen her, but she came to the gym last week and we gave each other a big hug.  And then she said, “I know just what to do with your hair to compliment your weight loss.”  My response, “You’re a hairdresser?”  So this is the fun day we had last week.

Looking through the “color” book.
Having a great time together.  I didn’t even know her a year ago.
The finished product.
I also have had a great time with 3 ladies all summer – one is in her 20s, one is in her 30s, and one is in her 40s, and I am in my 50s – yet we have had the best time training together.  Who knew?  Well Dave and I went to the 20-something’s this weekend for a birthday party for her husband and child.  We just had the best time getting to know her family and friends.  We got a selfie of us from that party.  
At Jenna’s party!
So yes, this is kind of an NLP promotion.  I love it and I am so glad I joined a year ago.  I’ve met a lot of new friends and I’ve lost weight and inches.  Remember that pesky seat belt on the plane?  Well I have lost over 10 inches in my waist since that trip.  I have no problem buckling the airplane seatbelt now!  My sister has even joined her Golds gym NLP program in New York.  She actually wants to contribute to this blog with a post about her journey.  So stay tuned….
Our one year journey – My sister Lisa and me.
I’ve had several people say to me, “I hope you can keep it off.”  That was kind of bothering me until I saw the statistic for people who lose weight only to gain it back.  That number was 80-90%.  Let me assure you, I will be in the 10% that keep it off.  And 90% of that reason will be because of the way the trainer is guiding me through this process.  Slow and steady.  I guess you’ll just have to check back in another year to see that I mean business!

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