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Life Update – 7/22/2021

Just got back from Boston. My niece got married. After a year of isolation, it was great to be able to see family again. If nothing else, COVID helped me remember what’s important in my life.

I am going to try and write here more often. Making a short concise Instagram or Facebook post takes a lot of time (believe it or not) and I am short on time since our business has just exploded.

Very short and concise update: 2020 our business was busier than 2019 and 2021 is even busier than 2020. I am sitting behind a desk almost all day long (and night long). I have put on the COVID 19 but it’s not stressing me out because I now know how to take off the extra weight. For me the biggest key right now to getting weight off is movement. I do not move.

A VERY simple way for me to start is with steps. When I walk outside in the neighborhood on concrete/asphalt, it actually hurts my knees. But when I walk in the house I’m fine. I can tell you how many steps there are between every room in my house. (Smile). Hiking on an easier dirt trail also does not hurt my knees. It’s just been VERY hot here. So no hiking lately. If anyone wants to have a step accountability group with me, I have a Facebook group we can communicate through. Everyone can set their own goal. My goal started with 2000. It’s now up to 5000 steps per day. Inching my way to 10,000 steps a day. But that won’t be tomorrow. It’s going to take weeks of consistency for me to get to that number.

Let’s talk RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. I got a new doctor almost a year ago and that has been a game changer. She believes in holistic healing, eating correctly, movement, deep breathing, etc. and medicine. I’ve had my struggles this past year with pain. In September 2020 when I first saw the new Rheumatologist, I had Carpal Tunnel real bad. She gave me a shot in my hand and I also went and saw a Neurologist. The shot did the trick and I felt fairly well until March 2021.

I got the first Moderna vaccine 3/18/21 and the second Moderna vaccine 4/13/21. Every joint in my body began to hurt after that. It was hard for me to pin point it to the vaccine and I’m one to “not bother the doctor.” So I waited until my three month appointment came up in June. When I told her my symptoms, she said she had several patients experiencing the same thing – all had taken the Moderna shot. I am not saying I wished I wouldn’t have received the vaccine. I’m glad I did. It got me out in the public again. I just don’t think any of us really know all the possible ramifications yet. I got a shot about 4 weeks ago to settle my body down and it did settle down.

However, my right hand still hurts and especially when I type. This new doctor said “Tell me if this shot doesn’t do the trick (in other words – don’t wait for the next 3-month appointment.) So I called last week, and got in this morning. This is that right hand.

See how the middle finger leans to the right. Yeah, not good. BUT my Dr. is determined to help me and that makes me smile. This is what’s up today. And I’ll try and write again tomorrow. If you want to subscribe to my blog, you can do so here.

And here are the links to other blog posts. My journey began in 2016 – so if you ever want some fun reading – start there and move forward. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I have had lots of changes , I think for the better, with fibromyalgia this year. Bad fatigue for at least a year. I a now am slowly getting better. We have started the low carb diet so I am loosing some weight too. Slow. I am learning how to cook all over again. Good for you. Keep on bookin’.

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