Remember the Reason…

Just three years ago my weekends were spent sitting on the couch too physically exhausted to get up and explore my surroundings. Not anymore. I began by making small changes to my diet and by getting off that couch and moving (even a walk to the mailbox and back).

I walked my neighborhood a lot and the neighbors began noticing and even coming out to cheer me on so to speak. My life has done a 180°. Yours can too. If it’s to be it’s up to me.

Follow along with me as I continue my journey and I share practical tips on how you too can reclaim your life. Happy Sunday! #reclaimingpatty, #reclaimingmylife, #pattysfitnessjourney, #wlstories, #wellnessjourney, #slowandsteadywinstherace, #wlstories8, #onedayatatime

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