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Let’s Talk About the Scale

How is your relationship with the scale?  Mine has definitely improved over time.  2 years ago I weighed myself several times a day and adjusted my eating way down if the scaled moved even one half of a pound.   As soon as my trainer realized what I was doing, he had my husband remove the scale from my house and I was to only weigh in when my trainer weighed me in.

That right there was probably one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do in life.  Sounds silly doesn’t it.  But I’m not lying.  I thought about the scale at least 50 times a day.   Over time I have kicked that habit.  The only time I really think about the scale now is if I have a doctor appointment or if it’s a weigh in day.

On those days, I still have to contact my “Meredith” and my “Christina” and talk through my anxiety of the scale. Silly, but it’s true.  Why am I SO concerned with a NUMBER?  (Maybe because my background is accounting?  Lol)

In December I completed a 20-week plan and my weigh ins were every four weeks.  I lost weight consistently which I expect because I’m on a very well-balanced plan.  However, on January 15 I began a 13-week plan.  I had been sick for four weeks, so I hadn’t really looked at the plan until yesterday.  That’s when I realized he wasn’t going to have me weigh in until after week 7 which is sometime in March!!!!  So I promptly shoot him a text.


What you don’t see is my response which is “Truthfully?  Yes, I like it a lot!  Way less pressure on myself.”

Let me tell you why.  On Dec 24, I weighed 201.5.  Now it’s Christmas and New Years.  My kids are home.  We have two trips to Denver planned.  AND I get sick.  I can’t work out because I also had vertigo (for the first time ever.)  But over this time, I had Coldstone Creamery (two of them at once because I hadn’t had ice cream for two years.), pizza – twice, hamburger and fries from Larkburger – twice, Baileys and coffee (once), waffles YUM, and our family favorite butterhorns.  Believe it or not even with all that I didn’t go crazy any one single day in calorie overload.  (Well maybe the ice cream day.)


I wondered what I might be doing with my weight, but I also knew since I’m on a very balanced carb/fat/protein nutrition plan, that I shouldn’t be gaining too much.  At one doctor visit, I did not look at the scale, but as I stepped off I thought it wiggled at 211.  I about fainted.  But five days later at the doctor’s office it was 206.  Remember these are not Trainer-approved weigh ins.  These are doctor weigh ins.   Each time I had a little more anxiety.

HOWEVER, when I weighed in on day one of the 13 week plan I was at 202 ¼.  So for all that food, all that worry, all that anxiety, my reality was I gained ¾ of a pound.  So honestly YES I’m all for waiting 7 weeks to weigh in.  Weight can fluctuate for many reasons.  And the anxiety I feel about it still is crazy.  So for me it’s a blessing NOT to weigh in every week.

My relationship with the scale is evolving.  I’m really working on believing that I am not defined by a number.  Learning to love ourselves whatever the number is HUGE.  Love yourself no matter the number!  That is what we are working on!


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  1. You crack me up. We have never met but I know some of your sisters. I have a five year plan and am four and a half into it. In November I told my doctor I am frustrated because of the plateau I hit. I have lost 90 and want to lose 120. He said I need to lighten up on myself. I have not gained anything in a year. I need to be thankful and maintain. By continuing what I am doing. He said maybe my body is trying to tell me something. He said he does not take stock in the charts. So I have lightened up. Not sure I will lose the other 30 by August but for sure I will not gain and I will not lose sight of my goal even if it takes another five years. So proud of you. Thanks for sharing your journey with all of the honesty and care you have.

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