Week One of Twenty – Done!

My daughter graduated college on a Friday in May and then my son graduated high school on the following Monday.  Since then it’s been a bit of a whirlwind summer.

I’ve been in Branson, Missouri for a week, Bermuda for a week, Ohio for a week, and most recently Virginia for a week.  Some of those trips I was able to exercise, but not near as much as I am used to.  And it wasn’t as easy to prepare the “best” food.

So needless to say right before my trip to VA, I asked my trainer Ryan if we could do a plan “similar” to what we did during the 12-week challenge, but perhaps not AS intensive.  He was thinking along the same line as I was, but he had to ask – “When will you be home for a stretch of time?”

So we came up with August 7 as a start date.  He has a 20-week plan mapped out for me and now all I need to do is follow it.  (I check in with him, of course, but I believe this plan will work great.)

This is MY Journey

One of the “benefits” of having a restful summer is that a lot of my more “nagging” injuries are healing and I don’t wake up saying, “Oh, my ankle,” or “Oh, my knee,” or “Oh, my elbows,” or Oh, my wrist.”  So that is a good thing.  I’ve also found my voice to tell whomever I am training with if something is hurting me (in the not good way.)

Most of you know he had me remove the scale from my house over a year ago.  I used to stick to the plan really well, but I would also weigh myself EVERY day.  If my weight was not going down, I’d wander off the plan to try and self-correct.  (Like I knew anything about anything?????)  So he had us get rid of the scale and only weigh with him once a week.

Well now he is living across the U.S.  So I am weighing and measuring with Misty at Gold’s Gym who I adore.  We did starting measurements and weight on Monday.  On Wednesday, I went to CMU and did the Bod Pod.  They weigh you there and my weight was already down 5 pounds from Monday (Now there’s a reason for this.)  But my mind was like, RIGHT ON!  And so on Thursday, I didn’t push as hard because I was like, “Well my weight is already down, I can let up a little.”

Bod Pod 

I shot Ryan a text and asked, “Hey are we doing weight AND measurements every Monday (with Misty.)  He immediately replied — “No, only once every 4 weeks.”  WTF?  Seriously.  And then I thought, “Hmm, That’s pretty smart actually because look what I did on Thursday.”   I guess old habits die hard.

Swimming 2 to 3 x’s a week

Anyways I am still swimming 2 to 3 times a week.  I lift weights 2 times a week (Rheumatologist requests only 2x a week).  I have a Ryan (heII) workout twice a week – cardio/weight based.  And depending upon where I am on the numbers, I may add one more workout in there.  Good times!

Day 1 of 140
Stats and the “why” of why I call them the workouts from hell!
This workout was a little bit more fun than the Monday Ryan one!
Cleaning out my desk and came across this photo on the left.
It reminds me that this is definitely ALL worth it.

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