"I Need a Ryan in My Life" – my most heard comment

Oftentimes when I tell someone about my fitness journey and my incredible weight loss and equally incredible non-scale victories, their number one comment is “I need a Ryan in my life.”  I thought I would re-visit how I met Ryan.

Mana, me, and Ryan. 

I decided to take the step forward to get “in shape.”  Joe, my 15 year old son was 6 months out after scoliosis surgery and wanted to get back to the gym to “maintain” that solid core the doctor’s told him about.  I was 6 months out from foot surgery.  So back to Gold’s Gym we went.  We have been members since the doors opened, but life sometimes makes it difficult to get through those doors.  This time however, we were determined.

Are you determined?  Are you ready?  This was May of 2015.  The director of fitness at the time told us about this program called Next Level Performance.  There were two levels to it.  One level included all the classes – Foundations, Afterburn, and Elite.  These classes were led by certified trainers who walked the floor and corrected your form and/or gave you a modification to the exercise if you were not able to do it.  The next level ( a step up) included all the classes mentioned above AND semi-private training with a certified personal trainer.  This is what Joe and I joined and two weeks later my husband Dave joined.

This is how I met Ryan.  He was coordinating the NLP program, so he was one of the trainers we met with at the semi-private level and he was one of the trainers that led the classes mentioned.  He had to make a LOT of modifications for me.  I was 276 pounds or heavier.  I could not do a push up.  I started by doing standing push ups against the wall or against a big tire.  But I DID IT.

Ryan took me from the Patty on the left to the Patty on the right.

One of the greatest things about the NLP program is a perk called an “On Point.”  EVERY member of NLP is entitled to these, however not every member takes advantage of it.  So my question is where is your desire?  How bad do you want this?  During an on-point the certified personal trainer gets your weight and measurements.  Then you sit down and talk about your goals.  They can also give you ideas to clean up your nutrition.  Ryan did this for me and it CHANGED my life.  I HIGHLY recommend taking advantage of these on-points.  Ryan and I met once a week for these.

So if you follow this blog, you know that Ryan has moved on.  He is no longer at Gold’s gym.  However the coordinator of NLP is Paul Manzella.  He has helped numerous NLP members reach their goals, just like Ryan did for me and others.  He has a good team of trainers working with him teaching the classes and the semi-private training sessions.

Paul with a client.

I 100% believe NLP is worth the investment.  If you are a gym member and you ask to meet with a trainer, most likely that hour will cost you roughly 50.00 — maybe more/maybe less depending upon how many sessions you commit to.  NLP is priced at or lower than 3 of those 50.00 sessions for the month.  Yes that may seem like a lot of money to some, but let me ask you this?  Do you like Starbucks?   A $5.00 Starbucks 7 days a week for 30 days is $150.00.  I believe NLP will help you reach your goals MUCH faster than Starbucks will.

Now that all being said, NLP is not the “golden ticket.”  You will need to clean up your eating and you will need to attend the classes/semis.  Just “joining” does not suddenly make you lose weight.  But I want to show you some pictures of friends of mine who did both – cleaned up their eating and committed to NLP.  (DISCLAIMER:  These are real live people who live in Grand Junction.  These are not Gold’s Gym corporate stock photos.  These people did not have this type of transformation in 6 weeks.  These people commited themselves to themselves and over time saw these remarkable changes.)


This family was my inspiration when I joined.

Joe before surgery/after surgery and NLP

My great friend Jenna 
Troy before / after

Judy before / after

Me and Tori

 In conclusion, I’d like to say if you need a Ryan in your life and you are ready to see some changes/transformations come check out NLP.  Ask for Paul at Gold’s Gym Clifton.  We are ALWAYS looking for more people to train with and to motivate.

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