I’m Not Where I Want to Be BUT Are We Ever?

Today I would like to remind you that you are a WHOLE lot more than a number on a scale.  Believe me, the scale trips me up too.  It angers me, puts me in a tizzy, my attitude (after the scale) frustrates those who are trying to help me.  So every once in a while a post like this one is necessary even if it is just for me to come back and re-read.

Don’t let that scale “get” to you!

I sometimes wonder if it takes me 3 years to lose 100 pounds, will anyone be interested in the fact that I lost 100 pounds or will they be more interested in how long it took me?  I’m just being real here.  I have these thoughts.

Have you ever asked yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?”  Then after you’ve concluded what the worst is, you ask yourself, “Can I deal with that?”  I found myself asking myself this question this week.  “What’s the worst that could happen (in regards to weight loss)?”  I believe the worst that could happen is that this weight, whatever it is today, is the best it will ever be.  I won’t lose any more and I’ll be stuck at this weight.  Then I ask myself, can you deal with that.  And surprisingly, yes I can.  (Now I do not think I’m going to be stuck at this weight forever, but I have to have these talks with myself at times.)

At this present weight, I just went ziplining for the first time ever!  (I’ve passed many times because I was too heavy.)  

At this present weight, I put on a bathing suit in front of my in-laws!!!  (First time in over 10 years.)

 At this present weight, I climbed up a pretty tough water slide and went off of it with my son.

At this present weight, I fit in a roadside bathroom stall.  (I no longer have to go in the handicap stall to “fit.”)  Here’s a HUGE plus — At this present weight, I no longer snore like a freight train.  I no longer need my own private hotel room.  (No one – husband or child — could sleep with me in the past.)  I’m actually back in a hotel room with my husband.  SO – honestly if this was the best that it ever got, it’s pretty darn good.

I want my readers to know that this is not a walk in the park for me.  I have my struggles.  I was told to take the week off this past week.  We were at a family reunion in Branson with Dave’s family.  I NEEDED the week off.  My brain is ON all the time.  My background is accounting.  I count calories, I count macros, I count calories expended, I count ounces of water drunk… you get the idea.  I needed permission to give myself a break and just go on vacation and not have to think.

I’m thrilled that I did the ziplining, but I have a sore right thumb joint.  And guess what?  The right hand was the “braking” hand.  My right thumb and pointer finger are hurt pretty bad right now.  My left ankle hurts from “stopping” myself and from the two – 65 step spiral staircases we climbed to zipline.  BUT – noone had to wait for me on the stairs (VICTORY).  However even with these slight setbacks, if you asked me if I had known that would have happen, would I have still gone ziplining?  I would say 100% yes.  It was the adventure of a lifetime for me.

Dave’s parents – getting us together for years now with their timeshare.

We are blessed that Dave’s parents have timeshare and get all the families together every two years.  While the 10 of us (12 with the instructors) were on a small platform squished together, our niece Kaitlin remarked.   “This is a great icebreaker.”  I had to agree wholeheartedly.  I had not seen any of them since before I had started to lose weight – 18 months ago.  But here we are- squished together – having a great time together.  It was a great icebreaker.

While I was away we knew fried chicken was on the menu.  It was suggested to me to pass on that, or have a small piece.  Well dang if that fried chicken didn’t smell delicious and I just couldn’t pass.  I had one piece.  Now you might say, well you could have peeled the skin off.  Yeah, I could have.  But I didn’t.  And I did it again the next day for lunch.  Whether or not this messes up the “scale” this week, I may not know – but I can tell you it WILL NOT hurt me in the long run because I am right back on plan as of yesterday (when we arrived home.)  Don’t beat yourself up if you go off plan.  I ate that chicken and I smiled the entire time.  What’s the worst that could happen?  and go from there.

I will reach that 100 pound weight loss.  And I hope that no matter how long it takes, you will still be there cheering me on and I strongly suspect I will have many more firsts in the months to come.

1st time playing Laser Tag
1st time in a kayak
Don’t Worry – Be Happy!

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