Week One – Get Your Shit Together Plan

I think I will begin counting at week one again.  Week one of trying to do this on my own, so to speak.  I will be trying to do this without a physical trainer in the same room with me.  I think it is important to see how much of this I can truly do on my own.

Trust is not something I give freely.  (The reasons for that will never be written about, but suffice it to say, I do NOT trust easily.)  Ask Ryan.  I must have asked him over 20 times if he was lying to me and didn’t really want to help me.  But he has earned my trust and he’s willing to write me workouts from Boston.  That’s just more proof for me of the trust I can have in him.

The thing with Golds is I could easily get tied right back into the program there and the trainers, but I really don’t know how long they will be happy there and I don’t know how long they will stay.  Since it would take me a while to build that trust again and then I don’t know how long that trainer/client relationship would last, I believe it’s time to see how much I can do on my own (especially since my trainer of the last 16 months is saying he’ll continue to help me.)   The goal has always been to do what would be sustainable for life.  When I’m 65, I may not be able to afford a trainer, so let’s see what I can do.

The question won’t really be do I push myself enough, because I can work hard.  It’s just that sometimes with a spotter, I can lift heavier.  We will just see how it goes.

Week 1 is planned.  Week 1 of “Get Your Shit Together” plan.  That makes me laugh.  I imagine there will be ups and downs these next few weeks as I figure things out.  The one thing I really like and that helps keep me motivated is how Ryan believes 100% that we will meet the end goal.  He’s got me believing it too.

Last week I joined Planet Fitness.  They just came to Grand Junction and they are a different type of gym than Golds.  They have a lot of cardio equipment.  They have a 30 minute circuit room and they have a lot of machines.  They do not have dead lift platforms, but if I want to deadlift, I can go to Golds.  I also just started my NLP membership again as of the 20th.  I need to be cautious because when Ryan left Golds last October, I did not train with him from October to January.  During that time I got several injuries that I am still trying to get over.

So it just goes back to the trust issue.  Ryan helps protect me from myself.  So he’ll send me workouts.  I’ll do most of them at PF.  I’d like to join in a couple of times on NLP, but we will see how it all shakes down.  I definitely will keep swimming and I want to get over to kickboxing at least once a week.

PF 360 meets here

Tomorrow I swim early and then I eat.  (lol)  Then at 10 I will go take a class at PF to learn an all body routine in the area pictured above.  Then I have a push/pull workout to get in.  Wish me luck!

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