Have a Wicked Time in Bah-ston, Ryan!

My trainer and my friend has decided to pack it up and move to Boston.  The big city is calling.  We have just three more days of face to face training together.  Some of you who have known this news have asked me how I am doing with the news.  I’m okay.

I don’t “preach” a lot, but I believe from the bottom of my heart that our paths passed at just the right time for a reason.  My life has been completely turned around because of the time and care Ryan took to teach and train me.  I will be thankful for that for the rest of my life.  It feels an awful lot like when your best friend moves away, or if you are a parent, it feels like your child is going off to college.  Things aren’t going to be quite the same anymore, but I will settle into a new normal.
Over the past 16 months, he has helped me shed 65 pounds and almost 30 inches from my hips and waist.  Most importantly the inflammation in my body is at an all time low which makes “living” much more comfortable and enjoyable.  We have a goal that we have not reached yet and I am very thankful for today’s technology which will allow us to still work together even though we are in different states.
That was progress at 12 months

I am in no way concerned that I will quit or go backwards.  I remember all too well what that felt like and I NEVER want to go back.  I am just going to be adjusting to a new normal.  So again, Ryan, thank you from the bottom of my heart and here’s to moving forward by way of technology.

I’m thinking you might need some help with your vocabulary while in Boston, so here’s this.
ANSA  = Answer
AUDER = Order
BAH = A bar, or place that serves alcohol
CAH = An automobile
DUFF = To deliberately avoid a person or break a promise to meet w/someone
FOTTY = Forty
GRAVY = Spaghetti sauce
HUSSES = Horses
PACKY = A liquor store, or “package” store
PAHDEE = Party
PISSAH = Very good; often prefixed with WICKED
SOX = The Boston Red Sox
SUPPAH = Dinner
TEYEID = Tired; exhausted or fatigued
TONIC = Soda Pop
WICKED = Extremely good
WOM = Warm
Have fun learning the language.  You’ll be missed.  Thanks for sticking with me!

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